Golf Superstar Tiger Woods In Car Crash

Alexis Scott, Journalist

On Tuesday, March 23, 2021, Tiger Woods was involved in a serious car accident. Driving a Genesis GV80, a luxury SUV, Woods was driving down a very windy road, which officials say many accidents occur on. The car suddenly sped up, crashing into the center median, then a tree, and flipping multiple times. The car eventually settled in a nearby brush. 

Reportedly, Woods was on his way to continue filming a movie with retired NBA star Dwayne Wade and actor David Spade the day before the crash. Many assume that the accident occurred while driving back to the filming site. 

After the accident, Woods went under a heavy medical procedure on his ankle and lower right leg. The hospital’s chief medical officer, Dr. Anish Mahajan, said, “Woods suffered comminuted open fractures affecting both the upper and lower portions of the tibia and fibula bones in the leg, which was stabilized with a rod inserted into the tibia,” Dr. Mahajan said in the statement. “Screws and pins were inserted to stabilize Woods’s foot and ankle. Additionally, trauma to the muscle and soft tissue required a surgical release of the muscle’s covering due to pressure. “

A police officer inspects the damage to the automobile. (Photo Courtesy of: Google Images)

Upon hearing this news, Kaleena Hedland, a junior at Shadow Ridge High School said “I never was involved with golfing or sports in general, but I always knew about [Tiger] Woods. I even had a “Wii” game for him when I was a kid. I hate seeing celebrities in car accidents at all, but my heart especially goes out to Woods, in hopes that his career won’t suffer.” 

Another student, Sophia Breen, a sophomore at Shadow Ridge High School, says “I was involved with sports as a kid, namely soccer, but I know who Tiger Woods is. My dad loves golf and seeing that he got in an accident really hurt him. I really don’t like when famous people are in accidents or pass away. It not only hurts their families and the ones closest to them, but it also hurts their many fans and others.”

Woods is reportedly recovering well. This accident most likely will not affect his career. Woods has not played in a tournament since December, after undergoing back surgery. Woods is optimistic, hoping to return to the field by April.