Idaho man wins lottery 6th time in a row


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People hope to ‘win big’ when playing the lottery.

Camryn Taylor, Journalist

Bryan Moss won the lottery – again. Probably the luckiest man in Idaho. 

Moss plays the lottery regularly and has already won a couple of large prizes, and he claimed the winning ticket from a Crossword scratch game for the $250,000 prize on January 28th, the Idaho Lottery said in a statement.

According to lottery officials, this victory is his first top prize and the largest by far. At the ExtraMile, he bought a ticket that would receive a $20,000 lottery bonus for selling the winning ticket. 

Moss had no idea when he started about three years ago that he’d even have a lottery intuition at all. He began to play for one reason: “to ensure my daughter’s future,” he said. He posted on Facebook that he plans on saving the money for her college education.

Bryan Moss and his Daughter
Bryan Moss and his daughter whose college is taken care of because of Moss’ winnings

“In fact, Moss said he is just lucky to be alive. About 11 years ago, he suffered a brain aneurysm after colliding with a deer on a four-wheeler. There’s no explanation. I shouldn’t be here,” he said. “Ever since his accident, Moss learned to stay positive. That’s the very message he hopes to relay to the world after gaining so much attention,” described Fox News.

He said in a statement that he plays because he knows the lottery helps Idaho education. After its conception in 1989, the Idaho Lottery has dispersed $961.5 million in dividends to Idaho public schools and facilities.

“I couldn’t imagine walking into a 7/11 and winning the lottery 6 times in a row, that’s insane. I think it’s awesome how he is saving the money for his daughter to have an education, he could’ve just spent it for himself but instead, he’s saving which is really nice of him,” said Layla Blust, sophomore.

Bryan Moss
Moss holding his 6th check that he’s won

The Idaho Lottery dividend has gone to Idaho public schools and the Permanent Building Fund, which supports state-operated facilities, like Idaho’s colleges and universities, since its founding,” stated CNN. 

“I think that this guy is just a really lucky man, I mean it is insane that he has won 6 times but I respect the guy for winning for the sole purpose of the funding going to the schools,” stated Trevor Wiseman, sophomore.

Moss further said he actually walks up to the counter and searches at what game he “feels right,” not exactly the ticket he needs. He might also imagine what numbers sound right to him for certain games, including Powerball.