An Electric Change in General Motors

Alyssa Greer, Journalist

An electric car

General Motors, an American company responsible for making vehicles, has announced that they will stop making gas-powered cars by 2035. Instead of gas, they will be focusing on manufacturing zero-emission vehicles. This announcement has several ramifications for the current car industries in the U.S, but especially for the gas industry. General Motors, also known as GM, has stated that their goal is to phase out petroleum-powered vehicles over the next phase in the ambition of going carbon neutral. This plan has possible results for a greener and more Eco-friendly future for the car industry as a whole in the U.S.

GM has been a large supporter of electric cars and a future with mass production of them. GM will be offering 30 electric vehicle models for sale by 2025, and will be spending $27 billion on the Electric Vehicle market, also known as EV, in the foreseeable future for the estimation of 5 years.

The current investments being made and plans being created by GM, are largely supported by the Green Agenda that President Joe Biden has in store. Analysts have stated that “With the Biden Green Agenda on the horizon, we believe other automakers could follow GM’s lead domestically with Tesla continuing to run away with the market share in this EV arms race.”

With the current plans and investments being set in motion, the stage is being set for greener alternatives to take the lead in the car industry. Naturally many other companies are beginning or may begin to see this trend in the industry creating a big change for what investments are being made, and what resources are needed. With the direction GM is deciding to take their industry in, it is likely to cause a big change in U.S. car industries.

Companies owned by General Motors

“As one of the world’s largest automakers, we hope to set an example of responsible leadership in a world that is faced with climate change,” says Mary Barra, a GM chief executive.

GM, along with their plans, has also pledged to make its facilities and factories carbon neutral by 2040. This all makes for a harsh transition in the set up of their company, but is a transition they are eager to make.

The plans and steps that GM is setting in motion have already created a ripple of change within the industry for the better. GM has big goals for the future, and with the current backing in the U.S, this movement is making the car industry much greener.