Black Americans who Contributed to America

Celebrating Black History Month

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Celebrating Black History Month

Arielle Allen, Journalist

Many African Americans throughout history have shaped America to become what it is today. Throughout the early ages of time, and revolution, many African Americans defined what it means to be strong. Inventing, pioneering, and challenging society’s standards in America is believed that America wouldn’t be where it is today without African American history. By becoming aware of the contributions made by African Americans and the risks they took, it would allow more people to become educated in the history of the nation. 

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If you want to do something then be the best.”

— Garrett Morgan

To support this statement, African American history isn’t taught enough in America’s classrooms. An example of this is shown by the late inventor of the traffic light. In 1923, Garrett Morgan invented the Two Traffic Light system which would direct more cars in traffic. Morgan invented several other inventions that were used and he was granted a patent for his work. Due to his invention of the Two Traffic Light system, Morgan was the first African American man to own a car in Cleveland, Ohio. By not adding these important milestones in curriculum across the nation, many students will not become aware of the contributions African Americans made to American society. African Americans have been suppressed throughout the nation’s history, and little efforts have been made to solve this problem.

The Inventors that changed America’s technology forever. (Undark Magazine)

Moving along, as slavery caused a deep impact in America, former slaves paved the way. To improve modern-day transportation globally, inventor Fredrick McKinley Jones received more than sixty patents for his creations. Jones’ invention for creating the refrigerator is well-known, as with the cooling system that is roof-mounted. By allowing trucks to conduct ventilated cool air, it helped produce become transported while being on the road. It helped many Americans cool produce, and it is still used today in modern society. Jones later went on to be the co-creator of the U.S. Thermo Control Company (which is known today as Thermo King). Without the invention of refrigerators and cooling systems, American society would not be advanced as it is today. 

American society has come a long way in revolutionizing modern day technology. Without the contributions of Garrett Morgan, Fredrick McKinley Jones, and many other African American inventors and contributors, America would not be as advanced as other countries. Instead of suppressing the nation’s history with African Americans, more efforts need to made to include different teachings in America’s history.