Fashion and Expression

Camryn Watkins, Entertainment Editor

Being able to wear whatever they want, with no one else’s say, is something that kids and teens alike adore. Clothing is a way for anyone to express themselves, be it by what they like or how they feel.

“I like when I am able to wear what I want, not what someone else wants me to wear,” stated freshman Gjason White.

Despite what a lot of people believe, clothing has no gender. Men can wear dresses and women can wear suits or anything in between. People can wear what they choose, without having a gender slapped onto it. This allows people to express themselves and feel comfortable no matter what they wear. No matter how simple someone may keep it, what style they seem to fit into it, or how crazy the clothing may seem, anyone can wear what they choose.

“Being able to wear what I want is always a plus for me,” added junior Miah Wright, “Like I can just be me without anyone complaining or criticizing me.”

Just like with music, clothing fits into categories as well. From casual, formal, alternative, and everything else, these are only some examples of the ways people can dress. Some people choose to wear bright colors, some in nothing but suits and dresses, regardless of what someone wears, all that matters is that they are comfortable. Clothes do not always have to fit one set aesthetic, they can combine from all of them at once, or just be someone’s completely unique style. No matter the way someone dresses, be it something that blends in or something that pops, all that matters is people are comfortable.

“I like being able to wear what’s most comfortable, what feels like me,” said junior Jade Hollman,” It is the reason my style changes so often because I’m always changing.”

Clothing has no gender, which means it can be worn by anyone. Some people may want to wear something to affirm their gender in a way to feel good about themselves. Others can choose to wear things that do not fit either gender binary, and instead, wear something more androgynous. Sometimes wearing clothes that fit a person’s feel works best, some believe bright colors are great for when they are happy, and darker shades for when one is upset. Clothing shows a lot about someone when it comes to their interests as well, be it sports, shows, or their own identity.