Cobra Kai: a Karate Kid Story

A summary on seasons 1-3 of the hit Netflix Original, “Cobra Kai”



Cobra Kai Show Poster

Trent Jones, Journalist


Thirty-four years after losing to Daniel LaRusso in the 1984 All Valley Karate Championship, Johnny Lawrence struggles to make a living as a handyman, while Daniel runs a successful car dealership chain. Johnny meets Miguel after saving him from a group of bullies and begins to train him in the ways of Cobra Kai. Daniel is later distressed by discovering Johnny has opened his own Cobra Kai dojo. After attempting to steal cars from the dealership, Daniel takes in Johnny’s son, Robby, and teaches him the true way of karate that Mister Miyagi had taught Daniel all those years ago. The season concludes with the All Valley Tournament, where Robby and Miguel face off in a tournament, using all the lessons they were taught. Miguel fights dirty and strikes Robby in his arm’s weak spot, winning the tournament. The final scene of the season shows Johnny alone in the dojo, he hears the door open, and a shadowy figure approaches from the doorway.

Cobra Kai returns immediately after the events of Season 1 with the returning of Johnny’s former sensei, John Kreese, and follows the Cobra Kai dojo’s new rivalry with Daniel’s opposing and newly founded “Miyagi-Do Karate.” Kreese uses his powers of manipulation and ruthless teachings to control everyone, including Johnny himself. What started a personal feud between Daniel and Johnny, now begins between their students. New students of Cobra Kai are introduced, taking interest in the true meaning of “No Mercy.” The season ends with an all-out dojo brawl at West Valley High School, resulting in Miguel being kicked down two flights of stairs by Robby, breaking his back. Finally, viewers learn that Kreese has taken over the dojo, creating his Cobra Kai army.

Following the ending of season 3, viewers find Miguel in a coma and Robby on the run to escape the police. Daniel and Johnny team up to find Robby and have him turn himself in. Miguel finally wakes up from his coma, finding out he’s been paralyzed from the waist down. Johnny returns and trains Miguel back to recovery. After Daniel finds and turns Robby into the police, Robby joins Cobra Kai after Kreese bails him out. Because of issues with his car dealership, Daniel flies to Okinawa for a deal. This takes him on a trip down memory lane, encountering many members of his past. The trip helps Daniel’s business and teaches him a few new moves to be used later. Viewers end with another fight between Cobra Kai and what is now the newly-formed Eagle Fang Karate & Miyagi-Do. Johnny and Daniel face off with Kreese and find out that Robby has joined Cobra Kai. All three agree to settle the feud at the upcoming All Valley Championships Tournament. The season ends with Daniel and Johnny at Miyagi-Do with their new group of students, a mix of former Cobra Kai members and the new Miyagi-Do members.

Overall this show is a great watching experience for new viewers and old fans of the Karate Kid series, connecting old and new eras. Cobra Kai is currently streaming on Netflix and is highly recommended.