The Importance of Black History


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Peacefully protesting in the 60’s

Arielle Allen

African American people have had a great battle for centuries. As slavery began in Africa, dating back to the 1600’s, many European-descent Americans slave-owned people from Africa. The American people stormed Africa, and made the Africans leave Africa against their free will. The Africans were imprisoned and belittled to work for European descent people. The African people that lived in Africa weren’t able to return home, and were made to make America a new home.

Slavery that affected America. (

In the same way, Africans were sold to new families, and made to do unfortunate tasks each day. This lasted until December 1865, but prejudice towards African American people was far from over. In years to come in the next century, African Americans dealt with racial segregation, racial slurs, and many more demeaning things. Peaceful protests were happening in the fifties, which often turned violent. Many protests like the Montgomery Bus Boycott that happened in 1955 included Rosa Parks standing up for what’s right, and not giving up her seat. After the boycott, many African Americans were starting to get arrested for walking on the sidewalk, sitting on the wrong side, drinking from water fountains, and more. As Martin Luther King Jr. started different boycotting approaches (like the Civil Rights Movement), many people didn’t agree with the movement, and still didn’t respect African American people. 

Equally importantly, remembering today’s history is still in progress. As it took decades to see a difference in America, there is still a presence of racism active to this day. Black Lives Matter was in full effect this past summer, due to the killing of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Many African Americans grew tired of the killings of innocent people. Police brutality is all over the nation, and nothing was being done to prevent innocent African Americans by being killed by police officers. Many believe that de-funding the police will help prevent the killings of African American people in America. Moving forward, repairing the damage of America starts within, and educating others to become aware of what surrounds many will be important.

To conclude, America has come a long way, but there is a long way to go to see a difference in society. No one should have to live in fear of being killed, or racially suppressed. Becoming aware of what happens in America is vital to understanding what America has done to people of color, and the pain that still carries decades later.