Friend or Foe in the Sky


Courtesy of Google Images

Aliens Have been Coming to United States

Stacie Stradling, Journalist

“Is there life on other planets?” People tend to ask when they see the mysterious alien-like figures walking among them in the dark and see the footage from cameras videoing it. Whenever people see the unknown, they get goosebumps all over, their hair on their skin stands up, and they sense a presence. Aliens are often viewed as three feet little green men with slender fingers and bodies with big black eyes.

“Surveys show that nearly half of all Americans believe aliens have visited Earth, either in ancient history or recently, and the percentage has been increasing,” says Carl Sagan, and American astronomer. “Belief in alien visitation is greater than belief in Bigfoot.”

Many people believe that if they are visited by aliens, then there is a memory which that person does not remember having. It’s like a puzzle piece that the person is looking for has disappeared.

“UFO stands for unidentified flying object,” says Sagan. “Nothing more, nothing less.”

There have been sightings of UFOs and many people have seen a bright light that vanishes into thin air. When they wake up they recall nothing besides no memory of what happened.

“There’s a long history of UFO sightings. Air Force studies of UFOs have been going on since the 1940s,” said Sagan. “However, the US Air Force didn’t stop a tide of new UFO sightings.”

The military is still trying to stop the tide of UFO sightings and because of that they have been warning people to stay away from the strange lights in the sky.

“The majority of UFOs appear to people in the United States,” says Sagan. “It’s curious that Asia and Africa have so few sightings, despite their large populations. It’s even more surprising that the sightings stop at the Canadian and Mexican borders.”

What makes UFO sightings so popular in the US? Outside of the US, it’s a big no.

“UFOs are part of the landscape of conspiracy theories. Included in that category are abduction by aliens and crop circles by aliens,” says Sagan later on. “I remain skeptical that intelligent beings with vast superior technology would travel trillions of miles just to press down our wheat. I don’t think belief in the UFOs is crazy. Some flying objects are unidentified, and the existence of intelligent aliens is scientifically plausible.”

Most people believe that the crop circles are made by aliens probably before or after the abductions of people who have no memory of what happened. Hypnosis is often viewed as the only way for the memories to come back to the surface.