Evolving Fashion Trends



Fashion Trends of 2021

Arielle Allen, Journalist

Currently, as fashion trends are constantly evolving, many trends from decades ago are now in style again. As apps like Instagram, Tik Tok, and Snapchat have a strong influence on what’s trending, many items are constantly making a comeback in today’s society. Many teenagers are constantly posting outfits of the day, which creates trendsetting around the world. As items such as turtlenecks, bucket hats, high waisted jeans, etc. are making comebacks, it’s safe to say these items plan on sticking around for a while. Outfits that date back from as early as the seventies are coming back, with many neutral toned clothing styles to choose from. There are apps that support these clothing trends that are currently popular with teenagers today. Using Depop, Poshmark, and other varieties of online shopping helps teens buy rare articles of clothing. 

Styles of fashion (StyleCaster )

Since the pandemic, many teenagers are shopping online since shopping in person isn’t an option.

Naomi Kidane, a high school senior at Shadow Ridge High School, noted, “Online shopping has completely changed the way I shop. I find more clothing that fits my sense of style, than clothing that is at the mall or in any in-person store. To find what fits my personality, online shopping has succeeded in ways that in-person shopping doesn’t.”

By the help of trendsetters and online shopping, it has helped many people find new clothing ideas by being inspired. Without today’s influences and advancement of technology, many people wouldn’t be inspired to have confidence as shown today. 

As fashion trends continue, many styles of clothing will continue to make a comeback in 2021. Many have seen bell bottoms make a return, scrunchies from the eighties make an appearance, and flared pants come into the spotlight. As decades of select items were once deemed “old” many have shown that clothing items make a “return” by starting a trend online.