Road Trip: College

Students attending college

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Students attending college

Arielle Allen, Journalist

As college is fast approaching for many students in high school, students across the nation need to be prepared for college. Most deadlines for college applications vary, but completing applications can take place from home. Due to the Coronavirus, many students had to complete applications remotely from home. 

Moreover, college applications and the price to admit these applications can also vary depending on where each student wants to go. Colleges are constantly looking for high GPAs and as times are changing, colleges are slowly pulling away from viewing SAT scores, and ACT scores. In Nevada, students who plan to continue their education in-state and want to attend community college, can apply for the Nevada Promise Scholarship. As long as students have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, there is a chance of receiving the scholarship. Not to mention, students who plan on continuing to go to school can apply for different scholarships that are out there. Planning takes time, there is hope, and students shouldn’t be discouraged to apply for colleges. It’s not too late for students who are working on their GPA!   

What it takes to graduate

To continue, due to the coronavirus, students who are interested in different colleges may not be able to attend in-person touring of different colleges that students may be interested in. To attend a viewing of a college, most colleges should have a virtual tour available.

Naomi Kidane, a senior at Shadow Ridge High School, stated “Researching colleges has been difficult this year, due to the inability of looking at colleges in person. Applying for colleges has become exhausting at times, because each college has a deadline that has to be completed before the deadline approaches.”  As deadlines approach for colleges, students need to keep stress levels down and remember that there’s different options when it comes to education. 

Students need to use the resources available provided by Shadow Ridge during these unprecedented times. Finding a college, and applying to schools aren’t easy. By talking to a school counselor, there will be ways to work around different concerns and issues students may face academically. There are many avenues students can take when choosing schooling, and different ways to navigate many options out there. Keeping up with school assignments and college deadlines during these hard times won’t be easy for students, but when students start planning for college, it helps in the long run.