The Best Diver’s Playground Around


Photo Courtesy of: CNN

Viewers can watch as divers explore the world’s deepest pool.

Alexis Scott, Journalist

On November 22, the “Deepspot” pool opened in Warsaw, Poland. This pool has taken the world record spot for the deepest pool, which was previously held by the “Y-40 Deep Joy.” This pool was located in Montegrotto Terme, Italy. The new holder beat the Y-40 by 5 meters of depth. The Deepspot, as acclaimed by professional diver Przemyslaw Kacprzak, is “A kindergarten for divers.” Travel may be restricted for outsiders, but Poland natives are enjoying the new world’s deepest pool.


The pool features “Ancient Mayan Ruins,” a sunken ship, and a small cavern. All of these are man-made, of course. These have been put in the pool for divers to learn skills of exploring and navigation in the ocean.

Kacprzak says, “There are no magnificent fish or coral reefs here, so it does not replace the open water, but it is a very good tool for learning and training in order to dive safely in open waters. And it’s a lot of fun!” 

The pool provides instructors for training courses, despite Covid-19 regulations. Jerzy Nowacki, a 30-year-old forestry officer, and diving novice said, “For my first time, we went down five meters but you can see all the way to the bottom – the wreck, the caves – it’s magnificent!”

The first pictures are being posted to social media and everyone is agreeing that this is truly a magnificent sight to see. 

The pool contains 20 times as much water as a regular, standard 25-meter swimming pool. The centre also features a walkway through the depths of the water. Much like an aquarium where people would walk through the glass encasement to see sharks, but this time people can go see people swimming! If patrons don’t feel like swimming, they can go through the walkway and observe their family members encircling them! 

On this new development in swimming technique, Kaleena Hedland, a junior at Shadow Ridge High School says, “I think that it can give people a thrill of their lifetime, and get people to understand how it feels to actually be under that much water and feel yourself sink to the different depths!” 

Sophia Breen, a sophomore at Shadow Ridge High School says, “It would be a cool place to go especially for swimmers. Training there must be really entertaining and different.”

The Deepspot is the next biggest, must-see experience for new and old divers alike.