The Rising Numbers of Covid-19

Arielle Allen, Journalist

Covid-19 has forever changed the lives impacted by the virus. When March approached for Americans, Covid-19 took over the entire country. It caused many Americans to become sick, and only two options took place: either people survive the virus, or the virus takes another life. As time went by, the virus has only become more threatening and vicious. Many people around the world have suffered from the virus, whether it was from a family member passing, or their own personal experience with Covid-19.

Starting in March, cases were barely seen as alarming. Measures were taken early to prevent possible outbreaks from spreading to protect Americans around the country. Starting on March 2, 2020 cases were below 20 in the United States. As a month carried on, cases rose just under 30,000. As lock downs started taking place city to city, the country was forced to quarantine to prevent spreading the virus. As the summer months came, cases grew by the thousands every day. Americans found themselves bored at home, which grew weary. Many parties and mass gatherings occurred as major holidays approached. Ultimately, it made the pandemic worse, which caused cases to spike in recent months. Many people believe that flattening the corona virus curve during the summer could’ve prevented Covid deaths. 

As many students across the country faced a challenging start of distance learning, cases were showing a slight decrease in numbers. August had a peak of 60,000 c

Covid-19 patients kept in isolation.

ases in one month, only averaging 40,000 cases. September saw a drop in cases from August, which had a peak below 55,000 cases, averaging 45,000 cases. In early October, cases started from 50,000 daily, and progressed to 90,000 cases. November is seeing an all-time higher rate than when Covid-19 first came to the United States. Cases are now reaching 140,000 in recent days, seeing a total of 242,000 deaths in the country. Hospitals are exceeding capacity with Corona patients without having enough doctors and medical equipment in various states. New reports of vaccines have been proven to be effective when preventing the Coronavirus at a 90 percent effective rate. Companies that support the vaccine include Pfizer and BioNTech. Promises on the vaccine being available to the country hasn’t been approved yet by the FDA.

  With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s likely to see Coronavirus cases skyrocket in the upcoming weeks. It’s going to be crucial that Americans around the country keep in mind there’s a pandemic going on, and continue to follow protocols that are given to reduce numbers in cases, and in deaths.