Junior Blues


Tiffany Peregrino , Journalist

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As the 22-23 school year comes to an end, seniors are getting ready to say their goodbyes and juniors are getting ready to start their last year. As juniors are prepare, they  reminisce about the past 3 years of high school as they get ready to complete their last one. 

Some Mustangs are ecstatic about starting their senior year. 

“I am excited going into my senior year. I am so grateful to be on the student council to plan all the fun senior events,” explained Junior Brooklyn Greer.  “Something I am looking forward to this next year is planning and participating in senior week!”

Senior year is a year that is filled with many activities. Although many are excited, a lot of Mustangs are scared too.

“I think that I’m a little scared of senior year. I still don’t have a clear idea on what I wanna do after, but it’s still pretty cool to think that I’ll be graduating and finishing this part of my life off,” said Junior, Omar Perez. 

PC Brooklyn Greer

“Going into senior year makes me nervous because, to me, it means I’m growing up, and I am about to leave my childhood behind. The main thing that I am excited about is when we get to try on our cap and gowns as we know we made it to the end,” explained Junior, Cadence Bloom.  “Becoming a senior is like becoming an elder to others and I will become the seniors I used to look at when I was a freshman.”

Many Mustangs are afraid of the thought of a new chapter of life. With this nervousness comes a feeling of sadness. A sadness of moving forward and leaving public school and all its memories forever. 

“I think that as I leave my junior year the only thing that I can be is sad. I think that this is a stepping stone into the real world that I don’t know if I am ready for yet,” said Junior Mallory Thompson. “I think that my senior year will be a great year filled with a lot of memories.”

“As a junior going into my senior year it’s a bittersweet moment, knowing we’re close to graduating and starting a new chapter in our lives is exciting yet also sad knowing we’re leaving our childhood behind,” explained Junior, Franciss Cretin. “I am excited for all the activities we’ll get to do in our senior year. I’m scared about having to get serious about my future such as college, moving out, and getting a job. I hope to have a great year and make lots of memories!”