Fun in the Sun!


Tiffany Peregrino , Journalist


Do you have summer plans?


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With summer just around the corner, Mustangs are getting ready to get out of their backpacks and into their summer attire. With the long vacation ahead, Mustangs are starting to plan the summer activities that they will partake in. 

This summer, a lot of students are practicing and getting ready to get onto the road and acquire their driver’s licenses. 

Franciss Cretin

“This summer I have quite a few plans. I have my driver’s test on June 5th, so fingers crossed that I can pass and can hopefully get my license. I’m applying to some part-time jobs as well so that I can work during the summer to make some cash, ” explained Junior, Franciss Cretin. “I plan on hanging out with friends and family, we might also go to Mexico or California. I think that one of my biggest goals is to learn how to swim.” 

Summertime is used as a time to spend time with friends and family. Summer is also a time used to accomplish any goals that one might have. One accomplishment that Mustangs want this summer is the acquisition of a job. 

“During this summer, one of my plans is to get a job. Right after the school year ends I have a trip planned to go visit my friends in Illinois and catch up with them,” described Junior, Mal Thompson.  “Once I get back home, I’m probably going to swim every day, take naps, and start working if I can get a job.” 

Mal Thompson

With summer on the way, many Mustangs can’t wait for the moment when they will be able to sunbathe and dip their toes into some water. Students are waiting for summer so that they will be able to do things that they like. Vacation is another aspect of the summer most can’t wait to experience.

“ I plan on visiting my godmother for the first time. She recently got a new apartment in Colorado so I’ll also be visiting Colorado for the first time! After we get back, I’ll be hanging out with my best friend after not seeing her since freshman year” explained Junior, Destiny Taimanglo. “I really want to hang out with my other friends as well but I have to finish my summer classes before I do. My goal for this summer is to pass my classes and hang out with each of my friends at least once.”