Big Time Vegas


Big Time Rush performing in Bridgeport, Connecticut (Photo courtesy of: Big Time Rush on Instagram)

Natalya Delfrago, Journalist

Big Time Rush is a boy band formed in 2009, and even had a TV show of the same name on Nickelodeon, which followed four hockey players from Minnesota who get picked to be the next big band by their record producer. In real life, the band released three albums and went on three tours before going on hiatus in 2014. Since then, each member started their own solo careers that range from acting, to singing, to even starting families. The band consists of members Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, and Carlos PenaVega.

 In July 2021, they announced their comeback and performed two December shows in Chicago and New York City. They’ve released five new singles and went on a comeback tour last summer. Now, they are hitting the road again and coming to Vegas this August at the MGM Grand Arena for their ‘Can’t Get Enough’ tour.

Poster for Big Time Rush’s upcoming tour (Photo Courtesy: Big Time Rush on Instagram)

Recently in the last few years, they’ve regained popularity and a ton of new fans. 

“I’ve been a fan since 2021 when the show went on Netflix,” sophomore Caleb DeCoite says. 

He came across the show after his friend suggested it to him. He found it highly entertaining and funny, and his favorite character is Logan. He also says that the songs really made the show feel happy and silly, as well as all of the shenanigans the characters find themselves in. 

DeCoite says, “My favorite songs are definitely ‘No Idea’ and ‘Never Giving You Up,”  which came out November 2011 and February 2023, respectively. “I just think they’re really great songs.” DeCoite has never seen the band in concert, but hopes to one day so he can hear those songs live.

Sophomore Sage Talley has seen them once before on their ‘Forever Tour’ last year, and was really excited to see what kind of show the band put together. 

“They put on a really good show,” she says. 

She says the band mostly played their old songs, but also threw in a few of their new ones as well. Talley claims everyone was dancing and singing along to the songs, especially at the end. She says that the entire audience was singing along and cheering to their hit song ‘Boyfriend.’  

Big Time Rush is performing on August 12th at the MGM grand, tickets are on sale now. Their upcoming album is also to be released June ninth.

Big Time Rush: Can't Get Enough Tour