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PC: Tiffany Perez

Junior class (Tiffany Perez)

Cadence Bloom , Journalist

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Students here at Shadow Ridge are focused on the classes they have to take to get their credits and to pass their classes, yet many look forward to the coming distractions of dances. Many question whether junior prom is as important or special as senior prom. Some Shadow Ridge students would say that junior prom is just as fun and important as senior year, with others disagreeing and claiming there is a major difference. 

Tiffany Perez, junior, states, “Prom is really big to me. I feel like this has always been the event that everyone has always looked forward to ever since we were little. So now I am able to go and I’m super excited.”

Every student in high school has the exciting fantasy of prom and everything that comes with it. They wait until high school for those dreams to come true and finally get the opportunity to go and experience what they see in countless movies and t.v shows.

Perez also states, “I think that prom is important both your junior and senior year. I think that every year, you’re going to be surrounded by different people so I do think that the atmosphere will be different both years someone attends. I also think that it is important to attend these important events as much as possible.”

The desperation to go to prom and to experience that feeling after waiting for so long is indescribable. 

 “I think that prom means multiple things to me but the main thing is that prom is a day where one can be themselves outside of the school atmosphere. To see people all dressed up and having the time of their lives is always fun and cool to observe,” Perez claims. 

Prom means different things to everyone, to Perez, it means life and change in the ‘atmosphere’ for students. 

Junior class( Cohen Gledhill) (PC: Cohen Gledhill)

Another junior at Shadow Ridge High School, Cohen Gledhill, has strong opinions on junior prom. Gledhill says, “I think prom is the most important dance in high school; however, I don’t believe that junior prom is as important as senior prom.” 

Gledhill and others believe that the importance of a grade in prom is differentiated in prom. Prom is a junior and senior dance yet there are different experiences for each. For a senior, this prom is their last dance for school before they are either off to college or to start their career journeys. Whereas, for a junior, prom is a ‘big kid’ dance that they also get the opportunity to attend twice. 

Gledhill explains, “Prom is the deal breaker in our school lives. The end of an easy life and it is the end of our childhood.” Gledhill believes that senior prom is more important than junior prom because it is meant for the end-of-school celebration, and junior year does not hold a final conclusion.

Prom is the fairy tale of a high school movie. The finish line celebration that students get to dance out on the dance floor. Is junior prom less or equally as important as senior prom?