Are Bright Colors Back in Style?

Logo of New York Fashion Week (Photo Courtesy of NYFW)

Logo of New York Fashion Week (Photo Courtesy of NYFW)

TIffany Peregrino , Journalist

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After a week of runways, 2023 New York Fashion Week has now officially completed. Many designers, both big and small, had a chance to showcase their latest collections for this season. With the new creations come many opinions, especially of mustangs on whether the clothes are actually wearable or are created in a more artful manner. 

One concept between different designers is that many collections have outfits with similar patterns, plaid being one of them. 

Claudia Li’s NYFW runway look (Photo Courtesy of Rudy K Lawidjaja/SIPA Press)

“NYFW is an awaited event by many. My opinion on some of the outfits is that they are clothes but also a form of art and expression. I personally like these outfits very much,” said Junior, Franciss Cretin. “It’s very fun and stylish. I am quite fond of the usage of the pink and the plaid, however I’m not the biggest fan of the fabric they used in the outfit.”

With the season of spring on the rise, many designers are starting to introduce fun patterns and colors. One popular color that was introduced is lime green. 

Fendi NYFW Runway Look (Photo Courtesy of W Magazine)

”While looking at the green outfit, I had a lot of thoughts. The first thing that I noticed was the bright lime color. The color is cute but I do think that the style of the tracksuit is not that cute. Honestly It is something that I would not wear. Explained Junior, “Emmalee Butterfield. “To me the hat looks a lot like a bunch of baby ducks. It looks like a bunch of baby plush ducks. I would not wear this because it is not my style but I do think that it would look good on someone who knew how to rock it. I like the color though. It gets me excited for the spring season.”

Many colors, both pastel and bright, made their debut this NYFW ready to be worn this spring and summer time. Alongside bright colors heavy layers have become very popular during these up and coming collections. 

Blancore at NYFW  (Photo Courtesy of Livingly)

“I’m not too sure that I am a big fan of the layers. I think that styled on the right type of person I think that it might look kind of cute but besides that It’s not something that I would choose,” explained Sophomore, Carissa Smith. “I think this type of outfit is something more of the arts than an actual outfit. I think that it’s not the most practical outfit but it is pretty. I do like what some of the designers introduced at NYFW. It makes me wonder what fashion will evolve into in the future.”