Women’s Wrestler Changes History – Gledhill, Jacobi  


Jacobi Gledhill taking second at state (Photo Courtesy of Jacobi Gledhill) Gledhill)

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At Shadow Ridge High School, it isn’t just the electives or the AP classes that fill students’ lives with memorable experiences. The wrestling team has proven to spark everything up this year, specifically, the women’s wrestling team which has grown over the past few years and has also brought success to the Shadow Ridge name. For the first time in history, the women’s wrestling team went to state. This is a huge success for the school and those who have worked to accomplish this feat. 

One wrestler in particular who has come to attention is Varsity wrestler, Jacobi Gledhill. A sophomore at Shadow Ridge, Gledhill truly shows talent and strength in each of her matches. Recently, Gledhill led the way to victory as team captain during regionals. Beating her opponents in all three matches by pin, her strength and perseverance brought her all the way to state. 

Portrait of Jacobi Gledhill (Photo Courtesy of Jacobi Gledhill)

She recently started wrestling in the summer of her freshman year. In just a short amount of time, she has brought the Ridge to a level it has never been.

Gledhill reflects,” I definitely had a lot of struggles this season mainly coming back from having a concussion.” Throughout her concussion, all she could think and worry about was getting back on the mat, and proving her leadership and responsibility. Her dedication to the wrestling team is far beyond anyone else’s efforts. 

Gledhill comes from a home full of former wrestlers and wrestling coaches. She was influenced by her dad to wrestle along with softball, which affected her schedule to be involved in two different sports at Shadow Ridge. She rose to the challenge and has proven to be a well-rounded athlete. 

Entering regionals is what she describes as ‘nerve wracking’. The pressure from going to state and being the leader of her team is extreme.

Gledhill fights past her nerves, describing, “But once I got on that mat, my mind was just on the match and all the nerves went away.” The regionals are labeled as the big move in the wrestling world. 

To be entered into the matches is a challenge in itself. Her mindset throughout each match changes swiftly with every move and restriction. Pin after pin allows her to breathe and step off the mat with her hands raised in the air. No matter the challenge, she tells herself to push and not stop, even when she can’t push anymore. 

Gledhill gives all of herself to the life she is building for her future. Just being a sophomore doesn’t stop her from dreaming and becoming the new history of Shadow Ridge and a true inspiration for the other young women attending Shadow Ridge.