The Benefits of Working Out

The Benefits of Working Out

Sydney Hnat, Journalist

Many people wish that they were stronger, had bigger muscles, and were more fit. However, very few actually go through with the effort of trying to get them. Though many people may take the first few steps towards becoming fit, many people fail to become consistent, dropping out shortly after starting. But what exactly is the benefit of exercise?

Sophomore Angelo Cruza says that, while he isn’t exactly sure why, he loves exercise nonetheless. “I guess it just makes me happy. I have a lot of motivation for the gym. Ever since my friend started bringing me, I’ve discovered just how much I love working out. I make sure to go 6 times a week. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve found myself going there after school. It’s just a part of my routine I guess. ” 

Of course, there are the obvious and well known benefits of exercise. Cardio, such as running, biking, and swimming, can help prevent cardiovascular disease, meaning that it helps make the heart healthier, as well as many other illnesses. Regular exercise can also reduce fat in the body, helping lower cholesterol. Regular exercise can also make the act easier in general. It can even make bones stronger.   

Studies have also shown that exercising regularly can have many benefits outside of physical health. The simple act of physically exerting oneself can help release endorphins, which help prevent depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. It can increase confidence as well, as being able to see physical improvement can make one feel more secure in their body. 

Cruza reflects just how much it helps with confidence.

“Being able to see just how much I’ve improved since I started has made me feel really good about myself. I can see how much bigger I am, feel how much stronger I am. When I started, I was extremely insecure, and constantly feeling self conscious about my body. And while I still feel insecure sometimes, it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Plus, I just like being really buff. It makes me feel cool.” 

Cruza explains just how much exercise has helped him.

“Working out gives me a healthy outlet to channel my anger. Even when I’m not feeling angry, it makes me feel good to work out. It gives me something to do when I’m bored, or something to do while I think. It helps me clear my mind, sort through my thoughts. It’s very cathartic for me.”

But many people are too intimidated to start trying; they don’t know where to start, and are scared to embarrass themselves. What these people don’t realize is that they don’t need to start with anything big. Push ups are an easy start. Riding a bike and swimming are also easy to do. For more personalized help, there are tutorials on YouTube and fitness websites. All one needs is their own body, and the motivation to get started.