New Year’s Resolutions


Alexis Farmer

Shadow Ridge Weight Room

Alexis Farmer, Journalist

During the end of a year, many people decide to change various aspects of their life to improve themselves. Some of the most common resolutions include losing weight, going to the gym, working out, cleaner eating, better grades, and even improving relationships they might have with other people. 

Julie Soegnhen, Shadow Ridge teacher, reflects on her 2023 goals, saying, “My new year’s resolutions is to become more physically active and work out because it’s good for my health and to follow a budget and to monitor my money more and to be more responsible because I want to save more money, because I want to have more of it in the future.” 

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Sadly, many people who make new year’s resolutions often don’t keep them. It is usually a case of lack of planning, lack of accountability, or the resolutions being out of reach and unachievable. The best ways to stick to resolutions are firstly, planning ahead. It is better to decide and plan how to successfully complete the goal or resolution than to do it last minute. Secondly, writing down the resolution. Writing it down increases the chances of sticking with the change because of the act of a written record of accountability. Lastly, make goals that are able to be completed. Resolutions that are more difficult to make for some people usually means that they may not make that specific change, there is a bigger chance of making or completing the goal if it’s in the person’s ability. Setting a plan for success is crucial for many so that they may improve their quality of life.

Setting up for success is crucial when looking to change lifestyle habits, such as eating healthy and living an active lifestyle. Change is hard, and accountability plans lead to success. These plans for success can also improve the quality of one’s life.

Apples are an easy way to include more fruit in your diet (Alexis Farmer)

Luvona Perri-Crane, Spanish teacher, is one of the many people who wants to exercise in the new year. “ My resolution is to exercise more and I need to because my back can get sore and it’s what I need to do for my physical training and my back can hurt after standing up too long,” she explains. 

Luckily, there are a lot of different things to try and change. One good resolution to start with is improving mental health. Unfortunately, many people today suffer from mental health issues, so improving the view of oneself, improving self esteem, or practicing mindfulness are great ways to help with mental health. Another great resolution to start with is to start a career. People in their mid to late teens usually start their work life, and some people in their high school years decide to take a summer job. It is a great way for teens to start their work life or even save money. 

New Year’s resolutions offer the perfect opportunity to set goals, grow, and reach beyond what you thought was capable, creating a better self for the future.