Favorite Holidays!


Photo Courtesy of TIffany Peregrino

Tiffany Peregrino, Journalist

What is your favorite holiday?


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The holiday season is a big part of Mustang culture, but not everyone has the same opinion when it comes down to which holiday is the best. Lately with the holidays, mustangs are debating on which holiday is the best and for which reasons. 


One of the most common answers regarding the best holiday is Christmas. 


“I think that my favorite holiday is definitely Christmas. There are multiple reasons why I prefer Christmas but by far my favorite reason is the presents. The thing is for me I have two sets of parents so that means that I get double the gifts. This is why I think that presents are the best part of Christmas because I get double the gifts. Another reason why I really like Christmas is because that means we get a break from school,” explained Junior, Omar Perez.


 “The break is usually much needed so It is  very much appreciated. I also really like Christmas because it is always back to back with New Years which is another favorite holiday of mine. The food is always good too. I always tend to eat the best food around the holidays so it’s another reason why Christmas is a favorite of mine. Even though I really enjoy the presents I also just like the quality time that I get to spend with family. It’s a holiday that I feel like hits all of my checkpoints.” 


Another favorite holiday that is very common among mustangs is Halloween. Spooky season was proven to be a major hit due to the schools participation in dressing up


 “One of my favorite holidays is Halloween because it’s one of the best times to go riding and also my birthday falls on Halloween so I get presents as well,” said Sophomore, Carissa Smith. 

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Although many like different holidays because of the family time, there are also some that like holidays that have great benefits attached. 


 “Black Friday is my favorite holiday. Black Friday is my favorite holiday because you get great deals that you can get no other time of the year. Do you really want to be missing out on discounts? It’s the perfect time to get gifts for your beloved,” explained Junior Mal Thompson. “Secondly, Black Friday is the day where you decorate for Christmas. Although some people claim that it’s not worth the time waiting in traffic and shopping lines, I disagree. You can buy stuff that you will use for the rest of your life, especially when you can get it at a discounted price.”