End of Semester Reflection

Madison Rybal, Journalist

Many students attending Shadow Ridge have had their regrets for the semester, some may not have at all and completely enjoyed their semester. There have been many events that took place during the semester such as the Homecoming Dance, Spirit Weeks, Senior Sunrise, and so on and so forth. 

Wesley Fredikin, is a football player and a junior at Shadow Ridge High School stated, “I know I could have done better this semester, but it is what it is. There were a lot of missteps with assignments, but I need the semester with nothing missing. I could improve on time management and preparedness, and probably productivity.” 

He continued, “I struggle with what most high schoolers struggle with, procrastination. I get things done, I just wait until the last minute. I’ll stay up doing assignments if I have to. I just waste a lot of time doing useless things, and daydreaming.”

Chrystal Burns is also a junior attending Shadow Ridge High School, she said, “I spent a lot of time out of class preparing for tests and practicing to make sure I stayed on track. I take pride in my grades. It’s just a reminder, ‘Hey I did a good job.’ It’s not a matter of others’ opinions or college, just a sense of personal achievement.”

Fredikin continued, “I had a lot of fun this semester, the highlight would be Homecoming. I went to get my first suit with my dad. It was a great experience. Coming from the foster system and being adopted, my family tries to make as many memories as possible and the memories made during Homecoming made everything better. Can’t wait to see what next semester holds!”

For Burns, her favorite moments involved something completely different. 

Last day of school!

She stated, “My favorite highlights of the semester were all of the choir activities and performances. Not a lot of people appreciate choir but when it’s been your whole life and the hard work pays off, it feels so rewarding and beautiful. 

She continued, “Standing on huge stages like UNLV and the Smith Center with thousands of people watching you, there’s really no feeling like it. Also, just choir as a class, everyone there is so supportive and outgoing. It’s definitely very welcoming. I’m so happy that this is the path I chose in life because singing is everything to me.”

Finally, Burns stated, “Next semester, I’m looking forward to the comfortability. I feel like towards the end of the year, people get happier and it’s nice to see others become so interactive. I’m also really excited for the new music I will get next semester for my choirs. The music helps me feel emotions I haven’t felt before. When you close your eyes and listen, you can see the music like colors flowing around you.” 

For these juniors, they will more than likely be having a senior year to have one last year to enjoy these things. 

But for Senior Vhea Velayo, it will be their last year of high school. Many thoughts and regrets may be present in the minds of seniors. 

Valeyo claimed, “This semester I think I did pretty good, I’ve got a planner and been planning a balancing my school work and personal lives. Though I do wish my planning was much neater, it looks like a mess and I sometimes end up not doing everything.” 

They continued, “A highlight from this semester is my math class. I have amazing classmates and I’ve learned a lot from them. As well as relearning the math that was previously taught to me, and unlearning habits that cause the math mistakes. I guess with regrets, I’ve noticed that I’ve been a people pleaser and always keep up with a perfectionist mindset. It’s something I think about a lot but need to change it.”

For these students, the semester has had its ups and downs. Overall, the semester has been enjoyable and very full of events that will be remembered.