Fun With Phife


Madison Rybal

Mr. Phife.

Madison Rybal, Journalist

One of the school’s most dedicated workers, Mr. Phife, is the secretary for the school’s Athletic Office. Nobody really knows what he does behind the scenes, but what does he really do for the school and its students?

According to Mr. Olson, “Mr. Phife just started this year, he has gone through a lot of his training and he’s killing it, he’s doing it.”

“He does a lot, he handles a lot of the paperwork that comes through the athletic office, he handles a lot of the parent phone calls when parents call about ‘Register my Athlete’ and eligibility, he is the first person that the parents talk to, so he’ll answer questions about physicals, Register my Athlete, eligibility, and also he takes a lot of the Covid waivers and handles a lot of the physical paperwork.” 

Mr. Phife is a huge SeaHawks fan and has merch all over his office. (Madison Rybal)

Olson continued, “He also does a lot of the scheduling, for a basketball game or a football game, he organizes all of the campus security monitors who are working all the ticket takers. He tells them, ‘you need to be at this gate at this time.’ He does those kinds of things which is phenomenal, he takes it all off my plate.”

Mr. Phife provides a lot of relief to Mr. Olson. He is great at managing multiple things despite being a single person.

Olson continued, “When we have our sport teams that have head to state, or state playoffs, what we like to do is feed them lunch and so we’ll let Mr. Phife know, ‘Hey, I need lunch for 35 kids,’ and he says, ‘I got it.’ He’ll go and he’ll coordinate that lunch, he’ll get the food and he’ll set it up in room 404 and sometimes he’ll go and get the food himself. He’ll have it all ready and placed out for the kids.”

The school also has to have a budget for the amount of food they need to buy for the athletes, Olson stated, ”We’ll tell him this is how much he has to spend and he’ll call the companies or he’ll call wherever we’re going to get the food from and say, ‘this is what we got, what can we do?’ He does a great job at that.”

Finally, Mr. Olson claimed, “My favorite thing about him is his attitude. Attitude is everything. He has a very positive attitude and always says ‘Yep I got it!’ He just goes and he does it. I don’t have to worry or double check what he is doing because I know he is very confident in what he does. He has a positive attitude about everything he does.”

Mr. Phife himself stated, “My favorite thing about my job is being able to help all of the students get ready for sports.”

Overall, Mr. Phife helps the school and its students in many ways. He is great at time management and management in general.