Teacher Spotlight- Mrs. Jordan

Madison Rybal, Journalist

Many teachers at Shadow Ridge spend many hours throughout their days dedicated to the school and its students. Many teachers stand out more among the rest, but who does the most? It’d be unfair to select just one of the staff members but there is one who does an amazing job at serving the school. 

Mrs. Jordan is an English teacher at Shadow Ridge who teaches 11th grade English. Not only is she an English teacher, but she is the one of the cheer coaches at Shadow Ridge High School. 

Mrs. Turner is the athletic director at the school. She is also the bowling coach and clears students to play sports. She ensures that students are academically eligible to play for the school. She also supervises games and other athletic events. Mrs. Turner works closely with Mrs. Jordan almost everyday. 

Mrs. Turner claimed, “Teachers here at Shadow Ridge are very dedicated and great at their jobs. Mrs. Jordan is our Varsity Cheer Coach and she is also my assistant in athletics. I am training her on how to clear kids to participate in sports along with the ins and outs of being an athletic director.” 

Shadow Ridge Cheerleading (Photo Courtesy of: Shadow Ridge Cheerleading)

In other words, this school year, Mrs. Jordan has  been learning to be an athletic director for the school sports. She’s been balancing her English teaching all while learning herself to help the school and its students. This is her first year learning how to be an athletic director. 

Turner continued, “She is a great English teacher and she brings spirit and tradition to the school through the cheer program. Mrs. Jordan has been a teacher for eight years. She has experience at the middle school level and high school level. She has been our cheer coach for six years now as well.”

There are many things Mrs. Turner loves about Mrs. Jordan. 

Turner stated, “I love how organized she is, how she cares and makes connections with students on campus, and her no-nonsense approach to things.” Turner finally stated, “Mrs. Jordan takes on challenges and always seeks to improve herself. She holds herself to a high standard and she expects the same from those around her; her friends, family, students and cheerleaders.”

Mrs. Jordan is overall a very hard working teacher at Shadow Ridge High School. She is loved by her peers and her students. She goes out of her way to ensure everyone is doing their very best.