Mustang to Mustang


Photo Courtesy of: Ms. Shipp

Shadow Ridge’s first Mustang to Mustang meeting.

Camryn Watkins, Entertainment Editor

During this virtual school year, many students are not making new friends, but, thanks to a group called ‘Mustang to Mustang,’ students can now interact with each other during lunch.  Mustang to Mustang meets every Friday, virtually, to play games, eat lunch, and socialize.

“I think it helps everyone out there if they’re having a hard time,” said junior, Tre’vion Thomas, “I think it’s honestly amazing.”

Mustang to Mustang is a virtual club that started this year, as a way to help out new students to Shadow. It was designed to help these new students adjust and even offered a separate meet to vent to counselors. Now, M2M (Mustang to Mustang) is for everyone, not just new students. Regardless of a student’s grade level, new or not, they are completely welcome to join the meetings.

“We are all in this mess together, and we can all help spread our school spirit and unity together as Mustangs,” added junior Hailey Morrow, “I definitely recommend it, so more people can find friends and show their school pride!”

Seeing as any student can join and participate in these meets, upperclassmen are able to help give the underclassmen advice, from dealing with the stress, how to understand courses, and how to study properly, many students are given a way to receive help that they would usually receive in an average classroom. When they aren’t talking about school work, M2M usually plays fun little games and icebreakers with everyone. Their games consist of everything from virtual scavenger hunts, Getting to Know Yous, and just sharing friendly news, everyone is given the opportunity to mingle and become comfortable with each other.

“Starting out with mostly freshman was fun, but then we opened it up to everyone, and it was a blast!” claimed Assistant Principal, Missy Shipp, one of the adults who helps with the meets.

Other than playing games, and helping one another with their school work, students get a chance to show their school pride. During this past homecoming week, Ms. Shipp had the students in the meet turn their cameras on and show off their shadow gear/other hoco dress-up items. Students are given the opportunity to know a little more about what’s happening at their school, and can even get insights from the student council members in attendance. Having a place where people can meet, and just talk, allows students to avoid being alone during these uncertain times. It offers a safe space for those who need it.

The next Mustang to Mustang meeting will be on Friday, Nov. 6 from 10-10:30.  Students can get the Google Meet code from their Mentorship class or from a counselor.