Avatar: The Way of Water

Madison Rybal, Journalist

In 2010, James Cameron, the creator of the film, decided to create a sequel series. Cameron is also known for creating the movie, “Titanic.”

 On December 16, 2022, “Avatar: The Way of Water,” will be screened  across theaters in America. Areas where the movie will be streamed are unknown for the time being but it is predicted that it will be on Disney Plus sometime next year. 

Many fans have wanted a sequel for many years, the wait has always left them with the question of “Why did it take so long?” Purposely, the creators wanted to wait for new technology to be developed for the series. They originally planned to have “The Way of Water,” released in 2014 but then they decided they were going to make a series of movies for this story. All of the films have experienced a large number of delays, this is because of the writing. 

Cameron claimed “It’s a complex job.”

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Apparently, the budget for “Avatar: The Way of Water” was 350 to 400 million dollars making it one of the most expensive films of all time according to Maxance Vincent, a journalist for ScreenRant.

“The Way of Water” will be having many of the series original actors returning for the film despite the time gap. 

Shaelyn Rhea, a junior at Shadow Ridge High School stated, “I really like “Avatar.” I wish it displayed more races and lovely color into the movie, seeing different races displayed would have been lovely. I wouldn’t care if they did ruin it by adding more movies to the series but it would maybe add more to the backstory.”

River Poort, senior at Shadow Ridge High School claimed, “The movie had a large impact on my childhood. It gave me the fascination with other worlds and life In general.” He continued, “I don’t mind them adding to the series. If they do it’ll disappoint and enrage a very large fan base. I am looking forward to seeing it. Maybe my girlfriend might go with me.”

The first trailer managed to get 39 million views on YouTube in the first four weeks of being available. 

Overall, millions of people around the world are looking forward to this movie. Everyone is expecting the best from James Cameron and his lovely crew.



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In 2009, 20th Century Fox released a movie called “Avatar,” the movie left a major impact on the film industry since its debut. The film made 2.9 billion (USD) in the box office, it beat “Avenger’s: Endgame” by two million. It was able to bring new lengths to CGI and movie technology according to Box Office Mojo by IMDbPro.