A Day In the Life of a Student In Quarantine

Alexis Scott, Journalist

For everyone, school has been difficult during the pandemic. Sophia Breen, a sophomore at Shadow Ridge High School, has a similar case as everyone else. Since this school year has been doused in quarantine, everyone must participate in school activities from their home. While this is indeed safe, some students prefer in-class school rather than online school.

Breen says, “I miss school a lot mainly just because you’re able to talk to people you wouldn’t even see outside of school, but with online you don’t have that, which makes it less fun.”

Breen is missing her friends. This quarantine has kept people apart and separated friendships. A driving factor for many for students who enjoy going to school is to see their friends. Since this drive is now taken away and a computer screen is placed between people and their natural interactions, this has made it difficult for many students.

Although there are a lot of problems with online school, there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. Breen has found herself to be more organized with information available at her fingertips.

“I found that this school year, I’m more organized. I think having very accessible due dates helps a lot just because I can set up a schedule for myself.”

The program, Canvas, which students must work on, has available due dates for every assignment. This is very useful so students can get their important work done before work that is due at a later time. 

Again, in-person school is much easier than online school when students talk about communication. Not all teachers are bad at communicating, but there are a few. 

“I like in-person school better than online school, especially when it comes to teacher and student communication. I miss being able to just walk into their classroom and ask them a question instead of having to wait for hours or even days for them to reply to your email.”

This is a very large issue with many students. While, in physical class, students are able to walk up to a teacher or raise their hand and get the answer immediately, this is not the case online. If students have a question, they need to either wait for office hours when teachers are available, or email or Canvas message them and wait a while for their response. This is very inconvenient for many students who have lots of work they need to get done.

To summarize, online school for a student can be very difficult. While it is hard to balance work and home time, students may still be able to find some light in this dark.