Joanna Agu: Developing Soccer Star


Talise Pulsipher

Joanna Agu and Addison Hanks

Addison Hanks, Journalist

Joanna Agu, sophomore, is a striker/forward and center back for the Shadow Ridge High School junior varsity girls soccer team. Agu is a valued player and a strong leader to her team. Her history of soccer started early in life, allowing her to develop and hone her abilities over the years.

“I’ve always loved soccer from an early age due to my dad’s influence. When I was 7 my dad took the initiative of enrolling me on a team that practiced at the park across my neighborhood, and every year since then I have been playing soccer”. Since the age of seven, Agu has grown a deep love for the sport and has stuck with it ever since.

“I love soccer because it was the first sport I ever played and it has allowed me to grow so much as a person and I’ve also built some great friendships through it that I will forever cherish””

— Joanna Agu

Playing soccer has been a foundation in creating Agu’s character and drive to succeed in all areas of her life. It has helped her on and off the field.

 “Seeing people my age already have so much exposure and offers definitely motivates me to keep playing to push myself, because I would love to be in that position one day and hopefully, eventually get to play division one soccer”. Although Agu is an amazing soccer player, one of her biggest challenges while playing is her mindset.

Reflecting on her confidence, Agu states, “My biggest challenge while playing is mentally feeling that I’m not as good as I should be. It’s never something that I can fully overcome, I just have to understand that I am overly critical of myself and I just have to keep learning and doing my best to improve”. 

Joanna Agu (Addison Hanks)

Although Agu has her challenges, she has even greater advantages. “ My biggest advantage is definitely my height, because soccer is not really a tall person sport. It makes me more intimidating and height gives a greater ability to reach the ball and an advantage in heading the ball”. 

Agu is a great addition to the 2022/2023 junior varsity girls soccer team. Her future is bright and holds big things ahead. She’s an amazing player on the field and an even better person off the field.  Agu not only plays for the Shadow Ridge junior varsity team but she also plays for a club team called  Las Vegas Soccer Academy ( LVSA ), to get extra practice for the next season.