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Angelo Cruza

Austin, Omar and Zinx all sitting together on a blanket.

Angelo Cruza, Journalist

Squishmallows, for those who haven’t been inside of a Target (or any store for that matter) for the last few years have been making the rounds in the interests of many high school students, and Shadow Ridge is no different. Students from many different groups and backstories can find common ground in the enjoyment of these sweet plushies, but what gives them their absurd popularity among Shadow Ridge Students in particular? Sophomore Toni Sultzbaugh gives his two cents. 

Sultzbaugh’s collection of Squishmallows. (Angelo Cruza)

Sultzbaugh says, “I think one thing that makes them really satisfying to collect is their cute faces, they get me all happy every time I see one,” Sultzbaugh adds. “I could hoard them all if I had the money.”

On top of their cute appearance, Squishmallows are made out of sensationally soft fabric called minky. Recently there’s been an increase in demand for products like plushies made from this fabric, and it’s this demand that Squishmallows capitalize on. 

 “I really like how squishmallows are, like, soft and squishy and they have a good texture,” Sultzbaugh says. “Also they can be used as pillows, particularly the giant ones.”

Sophomore, Claire West, believes that in addition to their soft and cute form, Squishmallows are very good at relieving stress.

“Teenagers love to squeeze, punch, hug, and other similar actions to anything that seems squeezable, punchable, or huggable. Squishmallows are a good fit for that.”

Zinx wearing a journalist’s glasses. (Angelo Cruza)

Now West and Sultzbaugh aren’t the only targets for these comforting stuffed animals, in fact most of their peer groups also enjoy squishmallows. 

Sultzbaugh comments that, “All of my friends at least like Squishmallows, and own at least one… I infected them.”

This mass adoption of Squishmallows among Shadow Ridge students is spearheaded by the fact that each Squishmallow has their own specific backstory, appearance, and overall charm that tug at the hearts and wallets of Shadow Ridge students.

“I would absolutely splurge on Squishmallows.” Sultzbaugh says, “I would spend every ounce of money I had on them if I didn’t have to care about my physical needs and see other stuff lying around the store.”

Zinx overlooking the creation of the “Welcome to Squish Ridge” article. (Angelo Cruza)

Another thing that these satisfying plush animals do to increase their general popularity is to have some elusive members of their family, their status as a collectible adds to their lucrativeness to those who collect them.

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“I want this one squishmallow named Deezos, he is… he just is,” Sultzbaugh shares.

Overall these squishmallows do a great job of captivating like minded people to Sultzbaugh and West, with their allure to high school students being self evident. They have certainly taken a strong position in Shadow Ridge trends.