Sí, Se Puede


Isa Fackrell, Journalist

In the month of Hispanic heritage month, the community of Shadow Ridge High School is finding many ways to celebrate. One way Shadow Ridge is embracing Hispanic culture is with their new student created club, the Latinx Club!

The Latinx club is an organization similar to The Polynesian club. It was created to spread hispanic culture across the campus and to give Latin cultures more representation. 

“They want to have representation on campus and make sure all latino cultures are accounted for,” says Latinx club advisor, Ms.Suarez. “We’re open for everybody whether you are part of the Latinx or you’re not and  you’re just trying to look and learn and engage with your peers. That’s what we’re here for, just building community with everybody.”

This club is open for anybody to join and they have meetings every Thursday in room 821 from 1:30-2:30. Their meetings consist of the community voicing their opinions, planning activities, and having fun. Club members get to explore the different cultures and customs Latins have to offer. 

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The Latinx club understands students and their wants due to it being a student founded club. 

“It was all student initiatives seeking out an advisor then seeking out the funds for the club,” Ms. Suarez says. 

They even plan on having food fundraisers which will be sure to engage and entice Shadow Ridge’s students. Besides, it’s a well known fact that Hispanics have the best food. 

“We’ve talked a little about selling some fruta frescas (fresh fruit) with tamarind and just a different twist to it. We’ve talked about selling esquites (Mexican street corn that’s served in a cup with mayonnaise and cheese), having a taco vendor come in and sell those plates; we’re still figuring out the details,” Ms. Suarez states.

Though the details aren’t concrete yet, the Latinx club is so community oriented that whatever they come up with will be amazing. 

Many may be unfamiliar about why the club is called Latinx.For Spanish speakers, they know that Latino is a masucline word and Latina is feminine. 

However, Spanish speakers would also point out that the word Latinos can mean a mixed group of people, such as with the word(s) nino/nina, (boy/girl,) anyone can talk about a group of children by just saying ninos. It may be confusing as to why they aren’t using the name Latinos, but there’s a genuine reason as to why they chose Latinx. 

Ms Suarez says, “When you read Latino in Spanish, it sounds masculine, it sounds singular. And so then they thought “Latinos” but then we had to think, is that including Latinas and our transgender individuals?”

The word Latinx is used to include and make everyone feel welcome. Though it’s easy to be traditional and say that the word Latinx is not in the Spanish vocabulary, the Latinx club wants everyone to feel wanted. There is a place for everyone at the Latinx club.