Are Croc Heels the New Thing?


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Tiffany Peregrino , Journalist

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What is fashion? Fashion expression is on the rise in society and is more common now, but does everyone feel the same and agree about what is popular? Mustangs on campus lately have been vocal about different popular recent fashion trends that are being buzzed about at the moment on social media. 

One fashion trend that has everyone on the tips of their toes are the Golden Goose Superstars. The shoes are notorious for coming to customers already dirty and dingy looking. The whole reason why the shoes look already worn when they are purchased is because the designers like to say that every mark and scuff on any pair of shoes has a story to tell. 

Picture of the Golden Goose Superstars (Photo Courtesy of Golden Goose)

“They’re kind of ugly to me. I prefer when shoes look new and clean,” explained Junior, Franciss Cretin. 

These shoes have started a conversation on whether or not shoes should come dirty looking or not. Or are these shoes just unique pieces of art? 

Besides shoes, unique bags have become popular as well. 

Glass bags have sparked much conversation recently, the most famous one being the Coperni x Heven Glass Bag. The bag that is made out of glass has not only been talked about because famous people like Doja Cat and Tinashe have worn it, but because people are wondering if it really is useful or if it’s a statement piece that’s not really convenient.  

Picture of the Coperni x Heven Glass Bag (Photo Courtesy of Coperni)

“I think that these accessories are impractical and shouldn’t be worn out in public,” Explains Junior, Makenna Leavitt. “Something that is impractical in everyday life shouldn’t be worn due to the fact that it will inconvenience you, but I do think that if you are using a glass bag as a decoration in your home, it’s completely understandable to have this item.”

While the glass bag might not be the most practical piece of fashion, it definitely is a statement piece that can be multipurpose. In 2022, there have been many more fashion pieces that might not be totally practical for everyday use. This includes more shoes. 

 One of the most buzzed about shoes in 2022 are the Balenciaga x Crocs Madame Rubber Stiletto clogs. These are the frankenstein of both crocs and heels that shocked many people. The shoe that retails for about 625 dollars hit the market back in October when both companies wanted to collaborate to create a croc turned stiletto. 

Picture of the Balenciaga x Crocs Madame Rubber Stiletto clogs (Photo Courtesy of Balenciaga )

“I do believe that shoes such as these should be burned at the stake. Heels on such a casual shoe should not exist, especially if it’s a spaghetti noodle heel,” said Junior, Mallory Thompson. “The strap on the back of the croc is not a win, it ruins whatever hope the shoe had left.” 

While many might not be a fan just like Thompson, there are many that like the shoe because there is nothing else for sale like it. Although each of these items is strange, it seems their ultra-unique characteristics is what draws crowds to them.