Historical Trial: Barbarian or Not?

Morgan Crosier, Journalist/ Podcaster

At Shadow Ridge High School, Genghis Khan is put on trial for being uncivilized, resulting in most considering him barbaric. AP world history teacher, Erik Pack,  hosted the trial in room 824. Mr. Pack, known for being a major supporter of The Lariat, was the judge during this trial.

Josephine Orolfo, Shadow Ridge’s Student Council Sophomore Historian shares her experience being a part of Defense for Genghis Khan to prove that Genghis Khan is not a barbarian and civilized.

“I want to be a lawyer when I grow up, so I was glad for the opportunity to show my writing skills in this area. When I shared the verdict, we agreed the prosecution won and Genghis Khan was 100% a barbaric man. Crimes against his own family, friends and his choices in the war made him as such.” ”

— Isabella Fackrell

“This was a lot of fun, I slayed walking into my 4th period for this trial wearing an amazing outfit that made me feel so confident. I was also confident because I had done some research on how a trial works by reviewing  Johnny Depp’s trial” Orolfo expresses.

Angelica Luff, Shadow Ridge’s Student Council Sophomore Vice President, shares her experience being a part of the Prosecution against Genghis Khan to prove whether he is barbaric and uncivilized.

“I questioned prosecution witnesses to show how Genghis Khan was a barbarian while the jury my witnesses were trustworthy and reliable.” Luff states.

Isa Fackrell, a member of Shadow Ridge’s Wrestling team, shares her experience of being a jury member and describes how she and her fellow jury members came to their conclusion.

“I was a jury member and the one appointed to share the universal verdict of my peers. As part of the trial, I took notes on the behavior of both witnesses and attorneys and what their stories/words were. My impression during the trial was that the Defense had a lot of stronger public speakers, but was not told anything other than that this was normal for the time period. The prosecution was not very prepared but made stronger points on why Genghis is a barbarian” Fackrell remarks.

In reflection of the verdict statement, Fackrell comments, “Giving a verdict and being on the jury was really conflicting, because I was determined to have no bias. The Offense won me over with their evidence, though the defense had amazing speakers and were very persuasive. In the end, I thought the trial was really run.”