DnD Club: When, Where and How To Join


Oliver Lemon

Player’s dice

Oliver Lemon, Journalist.

As most people know, Dungeons & Dragons, or DnD, as most call it, is a dice-based roleplaying game that uses math and imagination skills to create a story that is wonderful for people wanting to try something new, or seasoned players looking to make some new friends. Players can create characters from either a set list of races and professions, or a list provided by their Dungeon Master (DM) for them to use as they embark on their fantastical adventures throughout the campaign.

Thankfully, students interested in the game don’t have to look very far. Here at Shadow, there’s a whole club for this action-packed game, which meets on Friday afternoons at 1:30, in the library.

All you really need is a good imagination, in my opinion, that’s what really makes this game.”

— River Port, Club President

Club President and senior, River Port, mentions, “If someone wants to join, all they have to do is show up Friday afternoon, and come and talk to me. If there’s a spot available in a group, we will introduce them, and see how they do, and if they want to come back, they can, they have to sign a form that they need to do, and then they’re a part of the club.”

As in most roleplaying games, DnD is a multi-stage campaign-based game that requires a lot of different skills. Players create their characters, pick their profession and gear and hop in, letting their DM weave a story incorporating their characters. 

Every DM has a different play style, as well, some are more about battling and using characters skills to fight their way through hordes of monsters. Others are more focused on the story of the characters, letting their player’s actions speak through vivid roleplay and amazing action. Currently, there are seven campaigns with five different DMs running them. Some Warhammer players are using the space, and are willing to help onlookers.

Painted Miniatures (Mr. Forbes)

Port adds, “If you’re good at on the fly math, then you’ll be good at the game, just from a dice standpoint. All you really need is a good imagination, in my opinion, that’s what really makes this game.”

This game stands out in its wonderful dice roll based battling and has shaped nerds and RPG players alike since the 70’s with its themes of creativity, role playing and team building, creating a legacy of friendship and fantasy over the years. Dungeons & Dragons appeals to anyone and everyone, and can create long-lasting friendships among students. So if students are interested in becoming a part of the legacy of this fun, creative, and all around amazing game, then come join the club.