The Past versus the Present: School Edition

Teachers express their opinion about how Corona Virus affected their classroom.

A brightly lit classroom with empty student desks.

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A brightly lit classroom with empty student desks.

Arielle Allen, Journalist

Since Coronavirus has taken over the entire world for the past nine months,  everyone has been experiencing the consequences of what Coronavirus brings. People are sick, and sometimes have no way of knowing if they are carriers of the deadly virus. Even here at Shadow Ridge, teachers have been dealing with the negative effects of Coronavirus. English teacher, Mr. Buer and math teacher, Mr. Johnson share the experiences of teaching virtually and the impact it has on students. 

Attending school in person is currently a thing in the past, and as many don’t know the certainty of returning to campus, it can be challenging to attend school online.

Mr. Johnson, stated, “It has been a very interesting year so far, school without students is not something I ever thought I would be experiencing. It challenges your ability to focus and stay motivated in a new and different environment, some are coping and some are not.”

It’s easy to give up and get behind on different assignments, but students have to remember that the teachers are trying their best too. One thing Johnson has learned is that using technology has been a tricky thing to navigate, especially when it comes to computers.

“I have never been a very patient person but having to deal with the technology and the randomness of its functioning has tested my patience. I have learned that staying calm and waiting is the only real solution to technology,” Johnson stated. 

Although, there can be pros and cons to every situation. Virtual learning has made many students and teachers reflect on past high school classes and memories at Shadow Ridge.

Mr. Buer expressed his feelings about how different the atmosphere is when online.

The biggest difference between this year and last year for me is the lack of interaction between teachers and students. I really miss getting to know my students as a whole. A fun aspect of teaching is that every class is different. It is interesting to see how classes develop group personalities, and it can be a rewarding challenge to prepare lessons that the class as a whole will like,” Buer said. 

As these challenging times continue, the students and staff of Shadow Ridge High School need to come together in unity to break the barriers of virtual learning.