Is It Worth It?

AP/Honors vs. Regular classes


Morgan Crosier

Mrs.Masons AP Lang/Composition class

Morgan Crosier, Journalist/Podcaster

AP classes? Honors? Is it worth it? There’s a hard choice one has to make each year at Shadow Ridge Highschool. Freshman meet around September to October during their health/freshman studies class to meet with counselors and review what classes they want for the following school year. Freshmen then identify goals in their life and how the different diplomas will help reach them. 

Whether that’s the Advanced Honors Diploma, which requires 12 honors credits and 24 credits in all. To graduate high school, it’s also required to have an unweighted GPA of 3.25. Honors classes carry the expectation that students are to memorize and take tests without notes and be in a lot of active conversations and discussions. 

The Advanced Diploma requires a GPA of 3.25 unweighted, equaling a total of 24 credits. For this diploma, the expectation is to be able to attend classes and be a part of class discussions, but are not required to attend a certain amount of honors classes. This degree may bode well for those intimidated by honors classes. 

The College and Career Ready Diploma also requires 24 credits and a 3.25 GPA to graduate. Class requirements include completing Algebra II or higher, a demonstration of proficiency in two languages, or two (2) units in: AP courses, IB courses, Dual Credit courses, CTE courses, Work-Based Learning courses, or a world language course, and earn at least one of the following endorsements: College-Ready endorsement, Career-Ready endorsement.

For the Standard Diploma/ alternative diploma  No minimum GPA is required and students must have at least 23 credits to graduate, which includes flex credits. 

Now this could be super daunting when analyzing the amount of credits needed vs. the various required GPAs needed for graduation.

Mrs. Mason’s AP Lang/Composition class (Morgan Crosier)

High School counselor at Shadow Ridge Lisa Hebb states, “I don’t believe you should be in Honors/AP classes if you have D’s in Honors/AP and get A’s in regular classes.”

While these classes may not be for everyone, Hebb also believes Honors/AP Classes will best prepare a student for the rigors of college.

“But on the other hand, taking honors level courses prepare you more for after high school. While it helps prepare you for after high school Honors/AP classes, they also make you think on a more in-depth level, which helps kids who struggled in Honors/AP classes get a better score on the ACT,” Hebb elaborates.

Freshmen have many choices when tackling mapping out the rest of their high school career. Shadow Ridge offers many options for a variety of students, creating a path for success and graduation for all.