Mustang Spotlight: Kela Cox


PC Kela Cox

Kela Cox

Addison Hanks, Journalist

Junior Kela Cox’s shadow looms large over opposing offenses as he works to consistently get between their quarterbacks and receivers. Cox, starting safety on the Shadow Ridge High School varsity football team has an overall season total of 23 solo tackles, 19  assists, and four interceptions. 

Cox was recognized as the player of the week for the game, Shadow Ridge vs Sierra Vista High school on Friday September 23rd to help lead the Mustangs to a 53-7 victory.  

Ever since the age of six, he has been devoting a lot of his time and energy everyday to become the player he is today, in and outside of practice. 

 “When I first got involved with football I was six years old and the coach asked me to play at a flag football game and when my Dad asked me, I said no but he forced me anyway.” Cox says.

Overtime, Cox grew a passionate love of the sport and it brought him to where he is today. As Cox got older. football impacted his life tremendously.

Cox preparing for a game (PC Kela Cox)

 “The game has impacted my life because it is a lifestyle and it helps me with everything including my mental health,” Cox explains “I would like to continue playing football after high school, I don’t quite have a specific college in mind, I just want to find one that has my major.”  

Cox has shown lots of hard work and dedication and will continue to do so throughout the next upcoming games and years to come. 

As much as Cox loves playing football, he loves watching his team play well and win together just as much.

 “The game on Friday was fun. I really enjoyed watching my team play football and dominating in every aspect of the game.””

— Kela Cox

 Despite being recognized as player of the week Cox believes he could have played better on the field.

 “I played good, but I think I could have had a better game, my tackles were kind of … slacking but I had good ball vision.” Cox explains. “ I believe one of my greatest weaknesses as a player would definitely be my height.”

 Overall with all of Cox’s success in his high school career and as he continues to grow as a player, there is no doubt that an impressive future awaits big things for him outside of High school.