Don’t Diss this Enchanted Movie


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A scene from the “Disenchanted” Trailer

Natalya Delfrago, Journalist

Disney’s “Enchanted” is a movie loved by many, and its long awaited sequel hits TV screens this November. The movie originally came out on November 21st ,2007 and it follows an animated Giselle, a princess in a typical fairytale life preparing to marry her prince charming. An evil witch pushes her down a well on her wedding day which lands Giselle in New York City. There, she meets a young lawyer and his daughter, Morgan, and falls in love with him. 

The sequel, “Disenchanted,” takes place years later, Giselle, Robert, and Morgan have moved to a new community, and Giselle must discover what happily ever after truly means. The movie stars Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and Idina Menzel. The anticipation was very high for this movie, with fans discussing it for years, even more so when behind the scenes pictures and videos were leaked when the movie was being filmed last year as well as when the trailer dropped back in September. 

I am so excited to see Giselle and her daughter grown up, and how Giselle adapts to real, human life.”

— Caleb DeCoite

Sophomore Caleb DeCoite was surprised when the trailer was released, not expecting a sequel since it has been so long since the first one was released. Like many, he had also wanted and anticipated a sequel, but really enjoyed it nonetheless. 

Decoite says, “I’m excited to see what the conflict is.” He continues, “and how Giselle’s wish goes very wrong.”

Sage Talley, sophomore, is also very excited for the upcoming “Enchanted” sequel. 

“I love the fact that all of the actors are reprising their roles.”

According to DeCoite, he watched the movie for the first time in either 2015 or 2016.

“I used to love musicals a lot,” he says. “So it was one of my favorite movies at the time,” DeCoite shares. 

Poster for “Disenchanted” (Photo Courtesy of; Google Images )

The songs in the movie especially drew him in, specifically ‘That’s How You Know,’ a musical dance number performed by Adams. DeCoite also says a reprise version of the song would blow him away. He claims his favorite characters in the movie are Giselle and Morgan. 

DeCoite is also a fan of the fairytale-like and fantasy-like visuals shown in the trailer that were also very present in the first movie after Giselle arrives in New York City.  

“I like the new vibe it has,” DeCoite shares. “It feels different than the last one, but kind of nostalgic too.”

DeCoite believes that a third movie shouldn’t be made, claiming that it would be too much, but has very high expectations for the second one. The sequel is set to premiere in November on Disney+, DeCoite and Talley plan on streaming the movie on release day at his home with his friends via text.