Starbucks vs. Dutch Bros

TIffany Peregrino , Journalist

Dutch Bros vs. Starbucks


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Nearly 64% of Americans today drink at least a cup of coffee a day. Almost 146 million cups of coffee are consumed by Americans in a year. With so much coffee that is consumed new coffee shops are always opening and are trying to enter the industry.

A hot debate that is going around the campus at the moment is whether Dutch Bros or Starbucks is superior. Starbucks fanatics are budding heads with dutch bros enthusiasts to see who has better coffees, pastries, or even who has better merchandise for purchase. 

Starbucks fanatics like to argue that Starbucks is better for a plethora of reasons. These include having better coffee, having more locations, having a bigger menu, and also having a place to lounge within many of their locations. 

Sophomore, Brooklyn Richter, explains, “I feel like there are different types of coffee drinks to choose from and the drinks are just not straight iced coffee. I think that the drinks overall taste better too.” 

Having multiple choices is important to coffee lovers. This is why many people flock to Starbucks because of their ever changing menu. Their new drinks every season bring new customers daily. 

“I feel like overall Starbucks is better because they just have much more choice to choose from,” clarified Junior, Kassandra Espino.

Starbucks Logo (Photo Courtesy of Starbucks)

Starbucks fanatics love to flock to Starbucks many locations to order from their limitless menu. This is where the Dutch Bros enthusiast come into the battle. Although there are a plethora of Starbucks fanatics dutch bro enthusiasts beg to differ and like to promote that Dutch Bros is a better option for drinks. 

Dutch Bros customers prefer their drinks because they are more sugary, they have an overall friendly vibe which they are known for, and are easier to access for some people because of their drive thru. 

“I feel like at Dutch Bros we get better quality drinks for the price. I also think that also has more of a friendly vibe,” explained Junior, Kylee Stratton. “I feel like at Dutch Bros you don’t really feel the rush and the drinks are overall better because they are much more sugary than Starbucks drinks. Overall it’s just a big vibe.” 

Dutch Bros enthusiasts love to say that the coffee business has an overall better vibe. They think that Dutch Bros is the perfect business to buy their daily coffee because they have better drinks and service.