Shoot Your Shot in Women’s Archery


PC Nicole Deutseh

Archery Team Members working on their form.

Alexis Farmer, Journalist

Shadow Ridge offers a new club called the Archery club. It greatly helps with hand to eye coordination, aim, and is a very interesting fun club to join. Archery requires skill and can be competitive, but is a sport that many people enjoy. 

      “Archery is a good team group and everyone is very supportive,” Nicole Deutseh, junior, says. “Everyone in the club are really great people.” 

Clubs like the archery club are a good place to have fun and form bonding friendships. Archery also improves focus. For some people who have trouble focusing on certain things, archery is a good way to help improve, and with better focusing comes better the aim. 

Archery also improves social skills. It has team exercises that foster a supportive environment, making the team very beneficial to one’s health and social skills. Archery can be competitive, so competitions with other teammates can help improve confidence and it will help in improving someone’s own skills.  It’s a good sport to improve mental and physical health. 

 It can  also be a good form of exercise. It helps with accuracy and can even improve muscle strength. Since aiming with your arm is used commonly in archery, upper strength will be greatly improved. The captains in Archery can help out new people if someone needs help shooting, aiming or with anything else. Supportive teammates will always help out anyone on the team. One way Archery can improve mental health is having a supportive team to help someone when they need it. 


“In archery, you get to have fun, talk to people, and help people. Me being the team captain I get to help the new people and set everything up and I can help organize everything.” Isabella Fleckenstien, sophomore, explains. 


For some people, understanding how shooting works is a difficult task. It is a skill that does take practice, and that’s where the importance of teammates comes in. Some teammates with more experience offer a good way to help out with anyone struggling with focusing on the arrow or target. Teammates with more capability will be able to help anyone that needs it. 


 Many people want to improve their skill level in archery. It’s important to have a proper posture, distance, and to follow through. Improving in those areas is a good way to get better in aim and focus in archery