Shadow Ridge’s Military Program


Alexis Farmer

Logan Farmer in Uniform

Alexis Farmer, Journalist

Logan Farmer, sophomore, is part of the ROTC program at Shadow Ridge high school. He joined the program this year and it’s really helped him out with discovering a new interest in doing military service. The objective of ROTC is to help develop citizens of character to serve their community and their country.

“ROTC is a very fun course and it really helped improve my strength and my grades,” Farmer states.

Some students in ROTC choose to continue with a military school and want to join the army or other parts of the military. ROTC can be a very useful course and can teach very important life skills, such as teamwork, communication, building confidence, and self esteem. It is a good course to take for anyone who wants discipline too. The routine is simple and similar to the beginning of some electives. 

“Common things that are usually done in ROTC are drills, the pledge, inspections, and even fitness tests that are also done in P.E” he said.

Farmer plans to continue with ROTC and join a military school in Nevada. He also plans on joining a military service like the Air Force or the U.S marines. Farmer also wants to go onto higher roles in ROTC in his high school career. Currently, he is Airman Basic and wants to move up ranks and become stronger, more confident, and become the best version of himself, which is one of the goals of ROTC. 

“In ROTC, it’s important to have good self esteem, communication skills, and it can be a disciplinary course,” Farmer explains. “But I recommend it to anyone who is interested in being in the military.” ”

— Logan Farmer

The objective is to train high school students for the military. Around 20-50 percent of students that participate in ROTC join the military. The curriculum is set for leadership education and health and wellness studies.

ROTC is also helpful for a number of other studies like STEM and even training to become a pilot. The program offers an 8 week summer program to help cadets earn a Private pilot certification. It is a good certificate to get if any cadet wants to join the Air Force. It also earns college credits. 

ROTC students are expected to participate in out of class activities such as community service, robotics and even rocketry. Some cadets choose to take their ROTC experience to careers in NASA, FBI, or even government. However, to get these high ranking positions, cadets need to develop skills like communication, leadership and following skills, and a sense of responsibility and discipline.