Teachers’ Daily Lives During Covid

Stacie Stradling, Journalist

Teachers’ lives are already hard as it is, from teaching students to hanging out with their children. They have much to do in a little amount of time when it comes to school. They wake up earlier than students and, the night before class, decide what students will be doing for the day. Their time is crammed with making lesson plans and answer keys for students to learn from if they get an answer wrong. Jonathan Hilmer, Andrea Brackney, Agosto Gledhall, Alice Stan, Bradley Burton, and David Warren explained that they have different ideas for what they want to change while school is online. They all want to help their students academically every day during online learning, so the students have a better chance of passing if they ask for help from their teachers. The teachers also shared what they would change in the school and why they would do it.

“Pre-Covid, I would try to minimize class sizes. It is better for the students and teachers to have fewer students per class,” Hilmer says. “It is more effective for teaching and building relationships.”

Hilmer explained that it is more effective to have smaller classrooms than to have 40 students stuffed into one class. If they all went back to school, then what will they do if they have to social distance? They don’t have enough room to social distance.

“In a system where standardized tests are not put in place, there are no rankings, no comparisons or competitions between students, schools or regions,” Stan says. “In this way, every child has a good shot at getting the same equal education no matter where he or she lives, whether in a rural village or a university town.”

Stan explained that she wants to have the same education for every student no matter where they live or if they compete with the other students from another school or not, and it doesn’t matter what their class ranking is.

Some teachers are angry because they’re not face to face with their students.

“I am absolutely angry that we are not back in school teaching. Students and teachers need to be back. I would like to see smaller class sizes online or make it a requirement that students had to be on camera at all times,” Warren stated. “I want to be at school with students. We are social creatures and we need to be able to talk and communicate with people.”

Warren explains that as students are forced to be at home, and isolated, they sometimes lose their social skills and how to talk to other people. If students are back in class then they won’t have that issue anymore. Parents would be happy that they’re learning instead of goofing around on the computers or on gaming systems rather than listening to the lectures that teachers give.