Goodbye Choir Seniors!

Charlotte Larason, Journalist

With the year coming to an end, it’s time to say goodbye to another class of seniors. The spring choir concert was on Wednesday the 11th and this year, all of the concert selections were chosen by the students. They mostly chose songs from musicals and movies such as Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen and Beauty and the Beast.

“Honestly we all just picked songs that were fun to sing, but chamber specifically picked songs that were a bit of a challenge, but I feel like that made it more fun and rewarding for us,” says Mel Pratt, senior.

Photo Courtesy of: Shadow Ridge Choir Instagram

Every choir in the choir program performed, they sang a total of 16 songs, which included We Will Rock You and Holding Out For a Hero.

Towards the end of the concert, Mr. Halvorson the choir director, gave each senior a present and gave a little speech about each of them. The seniors then sang a song called, Reap What You Sow by Pepper Choplin. This song has a really special place in the choir program. It’s a tradition for the seniors to sing the lead or solo part of the song while the rest if the choir sings their specific voice part in the back.

“From singing the soprano part my freshmen year to singing the lead my senior year, it’s become a really special song for me,” states Pratt.

Pratt has done choir all 4 years of high school. Their post high school plans are to attend CSN to study Music Education, so that one day they can also be a choir teacher.

Vicky Castillo is one of the seniors who is graduating from the program this year, she is also a foreign exchange student from Brazil. This is her first and last year with Shadow Ridge Choir.

She says, “Choir in my country works very differently, so it was cool to know how America does it, specifically since most songs are in English.”

Castillo says her favorite memory of choir this year was getting to go to Festival back in March. Castillo will be returning back home to Brazil at the end of this month. Her advice for other foreign exchange students thinking about getting involved in performing arts is, “Don’t be scared to try everything out. You only have a short period of time. But I would highly recommend getting into performing arts.”