Shadow Ridge Takes On Prom


The Prom King, Queen, Prince and Princess. Courtesy of shadowridgehighschool on Instagram

Diego Faulkner, Journalist

On April 23rd, Shadow Ridge hosted its 2022 Junior/Senior Prom at Mansion 54 in Downtown Las Vegas. The dance theme was “Frame the Moment.” The colors included black, gold, and silver. Hosted by Shadow Ridge’s Student Council, students were able to enjoy a fun night taking pictures, dance on the dance floor, and socialize with fellow classmates. Shadow Ridge sold over 800 tickets to attend the dance.

There was a DJ who played some banging songs where students were dancing like crazy. Each ticket included refreshments and the opportunity to experience the different photo opportunities. There was also a 360 degree camera where students took videos with props such as money, glasses, and hats.  The night ended with the announcing of the prom court.

Junior Jayden Saito said, “I had a blast at prom. It was my first prom and it was amazing. Getting all dressed up and looking pretty was very fun and seeing my prom date all handsome was amazing. Being with my friends and taking lots and lots of pictures were nice so I can post them on Instagram.”

On the following Friday prior to the dance Shadow held an assembly for juniors and seniors in the gym during second period, where Student Council talked about the plan for Prom. During the assembly the cheer team preformed the fight song along with the band, as well as their own routine. ROTC presented the National Anthem to begin the assembly. Games were played and teachers submitted photos from their high school prom to a Kahoot where students had to guess which teacher it was to conclude the assembly.

Students attending the assembly. Courtesy of shadowridgehighschool On Instagram

Prom nominations consisted of 11 Kings, 31 Queens, 22 Princesses, 12 Princes. However, the top three voted for students were placed on prom court. Students were announced winners at the dance and were crowned by Ms. Becker. Trent Smith valedictorian of the 2022 Senior class and Wrestling State Champion won Prom King. Symone Douglas-Holmes won Prom Queen. Adam Gay won Prom Prince. Samantha Ciprian won Prom Princess.

Another student who went to Prom was a foreign exchange student from Slovakia was junior Nicol Uramova. She said, ” Probably one of the best nights in America. One of the many moments that I have here and I will never forget it.”

Tanner McDonald, a sophomore at Shadow Ridge said, “I was pretty lucky that I got to go to Prom especially as a sophomore because they don’t usually go unless they are with a junior or senior, so I was pretty lucky that I got to go with an amazing girl.”