A Day For Everyone!


Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

A day celebrated by some schools to let kids have fun.

Aron Bihasa, Journalist

Field Day is an event that is held in some elementary and middle schools to celebrate the school year nearing its end by having the students of the school play in physically active fun activities. The origin of the name “Field Day” came from the military and refers to maneuvers that took place in a field. There are many different ways schools celebrate field day, like doing competitive games against the entire school being one of the main activities. Field Day is celebrated throughout the entire day without kids having to learn anything; the whole reason for Field Day is just for kids to have a blast. Sadly, not all schools celebrate Field Day, being rarely celebrated in high schools.  Shadow Ridge is one of the schools that doesn’t celebrate Field Day and they should make a plan to add the event into school.

A bunch of kids doing activities on Field Day. (Photo Courtesy of: Google Images)

Junior Makoto Brown is a student at Shadow Ridge who deeply wishes that Field Day would be celebrated at least one more time for him. He loved Field Day in his elementary school. The way his school celebrated Field Day was by playing a bunch of games with his classmates. They would also watch a movie in the end and then they would head home.

“Field Days were the best days of my elementary school years,” Brown said. “It was just fun to play and make memories with my friends.”

I would literally do anything for Shadow Ridge to have Field Day celebrated from now on.”

— Victor Gutirrez

Sophomore Victor Gutirrez is also someone who wishes they could celebrate Field Day a couple more times before the end of his high school career. When Gutirrez was in elementary school, his school setted on a bunch of water games for the kids to compete in teams of 2. They would all require a sense of maneuverable skills and require quite a bit of speed and strength. He has only been able to celebrate Field Day once during his school life.

“I remember when I had to jump in pools of water as quickly as I could and I kept slipping while my friends were laughing,” Gutirrez said. “It was very funny, and we all had snow cones at the end of the day while talking to each other before leaving school.”

While field day certainly doesn’t involve much educational learning for kids, it definitely involves a fun bonding experience for students and overall a great break from having to learn in classes 24/7. Field Day should definitely be celebrated between all schools as a day for kids to just be reckless and have fun without worry or stress about their education.