Bonjour Français!


Justin Thurston takes a dive into the French world! Photo Courtesy of: Arionna Holmes

Arionna Holmes, Journalist

La vie, c’est beau! – Life is beautiful! ”

— Vincent Van Gogh

“Je pense, donc, je suis.”-René Descartes

French. A language of love and empowerment. A language that describes the feelings of its peers only through that of words. At Shadow Ridge, French is offered as one of the electives. This is how students connect to different parts of the world and understand different cultures. Shadow’s French teacher, Madame Spanier, has been teaching at Shadow Ridge for 18 years. She explains her love for the language stems from her youth.

“I was a really good student in general (straight A”s), but nothing was interesting to me for the future. Finally, my counselor in 8th grade asked me if I wanted to take French the next year. It was weird, but it just clicked with me, like this is it! I was so excited! I found out that I was exceptional at learning foreign languages, probably because I was really good at English. The year after that I got to take Spanish, and the year after that, I got to take Latin! My classes for my senior year were French AP, Spanish III H, Latin II H, French student aide, English AP, and Government. It was great! My parents also let me go to France my junior year in high school, and I knew then that I wanted to see the world, especially Europe and France,” Spanier explains.

Madame Spanier teaching her 7th period French I class.
Photo Courtesy of: Arionna Holmes

French is a huge part of Spanier’s life. She said that teaching French has introduced her to her love of teaching students as well as discovering her passion for learning foreign languages. “Teaching French and foreign languages has allowed for me to become a professional, I also discovered that I love teaching high school kids. If one student loves French and learning languages, my job is done and I am content!” 

Spanier’s way of teaching has affected many students. One of those students, Justin Thurston, says that he loves French and would suggest anyone who hasn’t to take it for the following school year. “I love French class. It’s such a fun class and learning a new language could be very hard, but Madame makes it very easy and fun!”

Spanier stated, “French is the number language for international business and it is one of the top three languages on the internet. Everything in life goes easier when you try to assimilate into new cultures! It is a matter of respect.”

With the new school year approaching quickly, many students can be indecisive about their elective choices. While there are many options, French is a great choice for anyone who hasn’t decided. Au Revoir!