Shadow Ridge Boogey Woogey’s at Prom


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An event held every year in high schools.


Aron Bihasa, Journalist

Prom at Shadow Ridge High School is growing closer and will be held by the junior class and their advisor, Amanda Becker. Prom will be held on April 23 from 7 to 10 p.m. at Mansion 54 which is located at 1044 South 6th Street. The theme for prom is “Frame the Moment,” and the junior class plans to decorate the venue with a bunch of photo booths for students to take pictures at throughout the night. Small desserts will also be provided for those who want to snack a little as they enjoy their time. It is required for students to bring their Shadow Ridge students IDs to prom as their ticket is linked to it. Entry will be denied to the event if the ID isn’t present, regardless of purchase. If a student has lost their ID, they can purchase a new one at the banker’s office.

The area prom will be held for Shadow Ridge High School in 2022. (Photo Courtesy of: Google Images)

“The dress code is formal attire, no sweats or jeans should be worn,” Becker said. “Formal dresses and tuxes are required.”

Unlike homecoming, formal outfits are required for prom, tuxes and dresses are the norm. Dressing up casually to prom is a no go since prom is a formal event. Juniors and seniors can purchase up to 2 tickets with the prices increasing the longer students take to purchase them. Last week tickets were $50 and this week they will be $60. Tickets will increase in price and will ultimately be $100 at the door. Freshman and sophomores are not allowed to attend prom unless they are invited by a junior or senior. Students from any CCSD or local high school are also allowed to attend as long as they fill out the form and get approval. Forms are available for students to pick up from the banker. Students who have been suspended from school during the second semester are not allowed to attend prom.

It’s nice to attend these types of things because we get to make memories.”

— Bea Dualan

Junior Bea Dualan already bought her tickets and is ready for prom. She’s extremely excited for prom and believes that it’ll probably be really fun. She plans on going to prom with her best friend and thinks it’s going to be one of the best school events that they will attend.

“I’m truly looking forward to just having the experience and I’m excited to just have fun,” Dualan said.

Prom is one of the biggest school events for high school students so Mustangs are encouraged to attend, especially if they have never gone to prom yet. Students can attend prom with a date or just with their friends. For seniors this is a once in a lifetime chance to attend prom so students should be sure not to miss out.