New Mask Mandate


Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

Cass Soldate, Journalist

After eight months, Governor Steve Sisolak has lifted Nevada’s statewide mask mandate, moving masks to be optional. Organisations, school districts, and employers may set their policies as of February 10th. Nonetheless, some locations may require them.

Such locations that require masks are institutions serving vulnerable peoples – such as hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities overseen by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services. Not only this, but airports and public and school buses where the federal transportation mask mandate is still in place.

“I think that lifting the mask mandate is only going to send us into a second round of quarantine. No matter if cases are lifting or not, we should still protect ourselves,” states sophomore Arionna Holmes.

Photo Courtesy of: Google Photos
Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

Nevada’s new mask policy follows similar decisions by governors across the country, including California and New York. Many civilians have chosen to stay cautious and keep their protective equipment on indoors.

“Just like vaccines, masks are still a great tool we have to slow the spread of the virus. I expect going forward to still see Nevadans and visitors occasionally utilizing masks when they are out in public. The state will no longer require masks in public places, but employers and organisations, including school districts, may set their own policies, and I encourage them to work with their employees and communities to ensure that policies are in place” the state’s Gov. Steve Sisolak said in a statement.

Nonetheless, the CDC still advises people to keep practicing safe habits to prevent a further spread of Covid-19. The best ways to prevent this can be found on CDC’s weekly SARS-CoV-2 updates. Whether it’s getting vaccinated, wearing a mask outside and inside a public environment, or as simple as washing your hands.

Keep calm, mask on.”

— sophomore Shay Jayde