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Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

The LVL UP EXPO image art.

Aron Bihasa, Journalist

The LVL UP EXPO was previously held in Las Vegas between February 25 to 27. The LVL UP EXPO is held every year holding a gaming and anime convention for all the fans to take part in and just have fun. Inside the expo, there is a lot of anime and video game related stuff. The expo had many booths that would sell clothes, figures, pictures, and many more. The expo also had some famous voice actors sit in their own booth to meet with their fans to take pictures or have a funko pop figure of who they voiced signed. Fans of the voice actors were even able to have some quick conversations with them like asking questions about what their life is like and many other topics. There were many video game booths that showed unreleased games that fans were able to try out before they were released in the future.

Aron Bihasa and voice actor Zach Aguilar who voiced Tanjiro from Demon Slayer, Aether from Genshin Impact, and Byleth from Fire Emblem. (Photo Courtesty of: Zach Aguilar)

Junior Javier Alonso is one of the students at Shadow Ridge High School who went to the expo. He decided to go to the expo for one day with two of his friends on February 26th. Alonso really enjoyed his first time at the LVL UP EXPO finding it really fun and cool to look at many things he loved in his favorite animes and games.

“What made me want to go to the expo was having to experience a convention with friends,” Alonso said. “After always seeing many people enjoy conventions that they’ve been to like Comic-Con, it made me want to give the LVL UP EXPO a shot.”

I had a blast just walking around with my friends and checking out the things we could buy in all the booths.”

— Javier Alonso

There were many cosplayers of characters from video games and animes that were glad to take pictures with many of the people who were fans of the characters. In the expo there was a wrestling arena that wrestlers fought in as the crowd watched. There was also a gaming competition for many players who wanted to aim for the highest ranks and tested their skills against other pro players.

Vhea Velayo and 2 cosplayers dressed up as the 2 characters from Persona 5, Joker and Violet. (Photo Courtesy of: Aron Bihasa)

Junior Vhea Velayo is also one of the students at Shadow Ridge High School that went to the LVL UP EXPO with her friends. She doesn’t watch a lot of anime, but plays quite a few video games in her free time. She decided to go because her friend invited her to tag along. She found a lot of items related to the games she played that she decided to buy. She also took many pictures with cosplayers in the expo and had a really good time nerding out over the games she loved with the people in the expo. Velayo is overall glad that she went and tagging along in the expo with her friends made it even more fun.

“My experience at the expo was just amazing, there were many beautiful cosplayers, art, and anime things,” Velayo said. “There were even these cool anime related cars that were really cool to look at. I was above all speechless.”

The LVL UP EXPO is always held at the same building in Las Vegas, so the fans of anime and video games can always experience the convention 1 to 3 times each year. The expo is a fun experience to have even though the items for purchase in the expo definitely hurt everyone’s wallet due to how expensive they were.