Rolls and Trolls: Dungeons and Dragons Club


Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

Kids playing Dungeons and Dragons

Charlotte Larason, Journalist

Dungeons and Dragons Club meets every Friday after school in the library from 1:30 to 3:30. Ms. Easley and Mr. Moore are the club advisors and have been for the past 3 years. Mr. Moore knows the game and helps new members learn the game and Ms. Easley handles the organizational side of things. 

They have about 20 students who regularly attend meetings. One of the members is Noah Sparks, senior, who first heard about the club from a friend during his sophomore year. He has been in D&D club for 3 years now. He says, “My favorite part of the game is that it’s unique and as open as you choose to make it.”

There are different versions and different ways of playing the game, but for the most part, D&D is a fantasy role playing game. It’s a game that tells a story and players work through the game and take on anything that might get in their way.

Sparks says, “You can basically make your character however you want and the DM (Dungeon Master), can make the adventures customized towards your group in order to make it a super creative and fun game.”

River Poort, junior, is the president of the club. He says, “My favorite part is two things. One is the role play aspect just escaping into a different place as a different person can feel so nice.  My second favorite thing is just hanging out with my friends.”

I would say just come down to the library after school on Friday to just hang out and see how the game is played and just ask questions about what’s going on.”

— River Poort

Dungeons and Dragons club is a great way to learn the game and make new friends.