Color Blindness


Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

What different colors look like for some colorblind people.

Aron Bihasa, Journalist

Being colorblind is a problem that some people are currently facing in the world. Globally 1 in 12 males and 1 in 200 females are colorblind. There are many different types of being colorblind like not being able to see colors at all or colors being very similar to the point a person cannot tell the difference between them. Though being colorblind is kind of rare, that doesn’t mean nobody will be affected by it.

Junior Ty Silva is one of the people in the world to be confirmed colorblind. He was driving with two friends and were looking at Christmas lights and pointed out a certain light that was red to him but was in reality green. Giving and describing objects to people is one of the things that affects him a lot and can be challenging for him to deal with. He doesn’t believe his type of colorblindness is really life changing but can be annoying at times. His POV isn’t that everything is black and white but a lot of colors look the same to him, or green looks red, yellow, or gray.

The point of views of what being colorblind is like. (Photo Courtesy of: Google Images)

“The most frustrating thing about being colorblind is getting made fun of by friends,” Silva said. “But at the same time it can be funny when I don’t take it too seriously.”

Silva has people in his family who are also colorblind. He thinks that his colorblindness came from his mom’s side even though she isn’t colorblind.

Junior Vhea Velayo believes that being colorblind can be a change in life, but people should figure out a way to adapt to their problems with being color blind. Being colorblind is what makes people special and people should accept what is a part of them.

I wouldn’t change me being colorblind because it’s sometimes a good way to start conversations.”

— Ty Silva

“With colorblindness, red isn’t shown very much, and it’s more muted blue in a way. Maybe seeing things as more of blues and greens rather than striking red and orange can even interfere with everyday life,” stated Silva.

People who are colorblind should always learn to adapt with it and keep pursuing the goals they want. They shouldn’t let being colorblind stop them from achieving their goals. Being colorblind is what makes a person special and interesting in some ways.